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Man Recruits All Other Passengers To Stage Up An Epic Mid-Flight Proposal

Man Recruits All Other Passengers To Stage Up An Epic Mid-Flight Proposal

Marriage proposals are a big deal, especially in this day and age of social media and YouTube uploads. There’s a lot of pressure put on the person that is looking to pop the question. After all, these days it can feel like every proposal idea has been done. So when one man decided to propose to his then-girlfriend, he knew he had to make it spectacular. When he decided to propose in the middle of an airplane, everyone already had their phones out to capture this moment that went viral!

20. Marriage Proposals


Marriage proposals are a huge deal these days. Just type in “marriage proposal” into YouTube or Google and you’ll get a plethora of crazy proposals. Whether it’s a flash mob proposal or a more sentimental and intimate proposal, there’s been many done. It seems that the world is filled with some pretty creative individuals.

19. Getting More Creative

Image: Russia Beyond

With so much creativity out there, many people have begun to feel the pressure to craft up the most perfect proposal. The end mission isn’t just for the other person to say “yes”, it’s about coming up with a proposal that will also become an Internet sensation. That’s the exact thought process that one man had when he decided to propose to his girlfriend.

18. Intriguing Proposal

Image: The List

One man decided that he was finally ready to pop the question to his girlfriend. However, he knew that he wanted it to be an extra special proposal. Nothing plain and overdone would do in a situation like this one, so he began to get creative.

17. The Perfect Thought

Image: The Indian Express

Finally, he came up with the perfect idea of how, when, and where to propose to his girlfriend. He decided that he would propose to his girlfriend on an airplane in the middle of the flight. However, there was an added caveat to this idea…

16. Asking For Help


However, the man knew that he couldn’t have the proposal go on without some help. So he decided to ask everyone on the plane to join in on the proposal. He decided to ask all of the unsuspecting passengers to help out by documenting the proposal as it took place.

15. Reddit User

Image: Sky News

Luckily for all of us, one Reddit user was able to document the entire proposal from start to finish. The user eventually uploaded all of the footage and the story onto Reddit where it quickly went viral. So how exactly did the man pull this entire proposal off?

14. A Note

Image: The Points Guy

Well the proposal began when Reddit user @pezmonkey got a note from the man. It seems that the man had decided to involve everyone on the plane in the proposal and he did this by giving everyone some pretty simple instructions. The Reddit user was immediately intrigued and knew he had to share the situation with other Reddit users.

13. Reddit Post

Image: Reddit

So @pezmonkey quickly crafted up a Reddit post based around the note they had just received from the man. “At airport, just handed this…challenge accepted…good luck buddy. Standby for results…takeoff in 40,” he wrote. He also included a photo of the note…

12. The Note

Image: Reddit/pezmonkey

He also uploaded a photo of the small note card that he was handed. The card read: “Hi, my name is Andrew and I’ll be proposing to my girlfriend Rachel on this flight! I’ve got a ring. I’ve got the ‘speech.’ What I don’t have is a photographer, so I have a favor to ask… Please take photos and videos of the proposal and send them to the number below. I would really appreciate it. Thank you.”

11. Play-By-Play

Image: The Points Guy

From that moment on @pezmonkey began to give a great play-by-play into everything that was happening on the flight. He boarded the plane and quickly figured out where the couple was sitting. “We’re in 1st, I’m on the aisle three rows back, perfect vantage point,” he wrote.

10. Details

Image: VeloNomad

Passengers filing in now. Assume he’ll pop the question just before taxi,” he added. He quickly began to paint the scene for all of the Reddit users that were following along, “This flight is an hour and half. The soon to be bride just ordered a Jack & Coke at 7:11am.”

9. Suit Jacket

Image: Reddit/pezmonkey

Although they look fresh-faced and ready to take on the world together,” he explained. “Dude has a suit jacket on.” While @pezmonkey painted the scene many Redactors began to share their concerns about the situation. “I’m thinking that’ll be a really uncomfortable flight if she says no. Nowhere to run. Forced to sit together for hours,” one person commented. Still more shared their pessimistic concerns…

8. Pessimism Ensues

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Proposes and gets denied. Gets a dozen videos and pictures of him getting denied sent to his phone,” one Reddit user wrote. Another user added, “You better hope she doesn’t check teddit while waiting and you ruin the surprise for her.” It seems that everyone was getting prepared for the worst!

7. The Big Moment


Finally, the big moment had finally approached and @pezmonkey was ready to capture every single second of it. He was able to capture the exact moment that Andrew had gotten up to propose to his girlfriend. However, that wasn’t the only amazing thing that @pezmonkey was able to capture.

6. Magic Moment

Image: Reddit/pezmonkey

Not only was @pezmonkey able to capture the moment Andrew proposed, but he was also able to capture the moment she said yes! The Reddit user also explained his photography style, “Just trying to respect their privacy, also be the only one to not shoot or take pics in portrait. SMH.”

5. Not A Fan

Image: SmarterTravel

Although @pezmonkey was happy to oblige with Andrew’s request, he wasn’t a huge fan of the proposal idea. One Reddit user decided to beg the question, “Who… proposes on a plane? Of all the romantic settings in the world and all the public events, how is a plane what you decide on? What if she says no? Then you have to sit through the rest of the 90 minute cut of Ocean’s 8 in awkward silence.” Our photographer had a great response…

4. Same Question

Image: Hospice Of Montezuma

As @pezmonkey was questioned about why anyone would ever choose to propose on a plane, he responded by saying, “Asked myself the same thing.” Still, while some found the moment endearing, most of Reddit couldn’t help but crack jokes about the situation…

3. Hilarious Jokes

Image: Distractify

‘Everyone can I have your atten-‘ tackled,” one user hilariously commented. Then another decided to join in on the fun and added, “My girlfriend is the bomb, that’s why I want to hijack the rest of her life.” It seems that Reddit couldn’t help but crack jokes…

2. A Plane Answer


Still, the biggest question that everyone had was why Andrew would decided to propose on a plane?! One user decided to guess by stating:

Rachel — I just want a plain proposal Andrew, nothing fancy.
Andrew -—A plane proposal you say…

1. Happy Ending

Image: Mpasho

Still, whatever the reasoning may be, it was a proposal with a happy ending. Everyone’s fears surrounding the proposal didn’t come true at all. Andrew and his new fiancée now have a wedding to plan!

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