Marijuana: Top 7 Most Common Misconceptions

Marijuana: Top 7 Most Common Misconceptions

Marijuana: Top 7 Most Common Misconceptions

Marijuana is a hot-button topic these days. While the plant has many supporters wishing to legalize its use, other people demonize it as a gateway drug to harder substances such as meth and heroin. Here, we debunk seven of the most common misconceptions surrounding marijuana. Check it out for yourself below!

Number Seven: It’s a Gateway to Harder Drugs

Many people allege that smoking weed will make you want to try harder drugs. While this is entirely possible, it rarely happens. Cannabis doesn’t have the addictive properties that a lot of harder drugs have; while there is a positive correlation between marijuana use and the use of harder drugs, this may be attributed to hard drug users also choosing to smoke marijuana, not marijuana users choosing to try harder drugs.

Number Six: Marijuana Makes You Lazy and Stupid

People have done a lot of stupid things while they’re high, but that doesn’t mean that weed makes you stupid. Similarly, many stoners turn into couch potatoes when they’re high, but that doesn’t make them any lazier when they’re sober. Most smokers are employed and lead full lives.

Number Five: It Can Kill You

Never has there been a case of someone dying as a result of marijuana consumption. Let us repeat that – it’s literally never happened! While cannabis can be a contributing factor in death (for example, if a high person gets into a car accident), the act of smoking it has never directly caused death.

Number Four: There’s a Reason It’s Illegal

To put it bluntly, there’s no real reason weed is illegal. Thanks to the antiquated war on drugs, it has remained demonized, criminalized, and largely misunderstood. While more and more people are fighting to disprove these misunderstandings, it remains a huge issue today.

Number Three: Legalizing it Will Cause More Kids to Smoke

Despite the fact that’s it illegal, it’s actually relatively easy to acquire weed, especially among the young community. Legalizing it might make it more widely available, but it won’t change the ability of someone who wants to smoke being able to get his or her hands on the stuff.

Number Two: It’s Legal in Holland and Portugal

While Amsterdam is nearly synonymous with cannabis, it’s not actually legal there! The Dutch government never formally legalized marijuana, although they don’t actively enforce laws against possession of it. Portugal has decriminalized all drugs, but it hasn’t legalized them.

Number One: It Causes Cancer

Many people believe that the act of smoking weed could cause lung cancer. However, while marijuana smoke does contain carcinogens, even the heaviest smokers probably don’t consume enough to cause cancer. One study found no association between smoking weed and lung cancer. Thanks for reading!

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