Mario: 'Fireball' Single Review

Mario: ‘Fireball’ Single Review

Mario: ‘Fireball’ Single Review

Mario Dewar Barrett, popularly known as just Mario at a point in time, was an artist to watch. He gave us unforgettable hit songs like “Let Me Love You,” “Just a Friend,” and most recently, “Somebody Else,” which features Nicki Minaj. If you remember those songs, then you know the kind of quality music he is able to deliver. He is now back with a new single entitled “Fireball.”

“Fireball” is a different sound from Mario, which does not come as a surprise as he earlier promised the fans a different sound on his upcoming fifth album. “Fireball” is for the ladies, and I have a good feeling they will appreciate it. If not for how good the song was thoroughly put together, at least for what the song is about. In “Fireball,” Mario is shutting down the bar and getting a lady whatever drink she desires. He sings, “We spending all our Benjamin’s tonight / we drinking Fireball Cinnamon tonight / we spending all of it yeah / we drinking all of it yeah.” And she’d better keep him drinking because the more he drinks, the more he spends on her. “Fireball” will be appreciated on many fronts; the lyrics are great, the song is greater, and Mario has returned with another potential hit song.

Mario is surely keeping up with the demands of the changing industry, and “Fireball” goes to confirm this. “Fireball” has the sort of beat that makes this song a companion for a lot of occasions: the club, time spent with your lady, and hanging out with friends. This song is a perfect companion for any situation that requires good music. The beat on “Fireball” is one of those infectious head-bumping beats that leave your body obligated to do just that. What makes “Fireball” an even better song is Mario’s vocals on it. He does not try too hard – the song does not require that. You are trying to be smooth and tell this lady how you are spending stacks of money on whatever she wishes to drink. Getting vocally emotional or sounding brittle, which is typical of R&B singers, is not the wise choice here. Mario perfectly carries through with a relaxed throat, but solid vocals on this song. Put all those surpassing aspects together and Mario may just have made a comeback that’s been worth the wait.

I have always been a staunch believer that Mario is overly underrated. And his seasonal appearances on the music scene don’t give me much armor to stand my ground. Mario has worked with some of the biggest names in the industry and that should tell you something. I am hoping “Fireball” is opening the floodgates to the great music Mario should be giving the world. “Fireball” flaunts the incontestable talent that earned Mario a comfortable position in the industry, and I cannot wait to see how he defends that position with the next singles.

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