Matthew Connor - How Is July Already Over? (Official Music Video)

Matthew Connor – How Is July Already Over?

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Matthew Connor’s video for “How Is July Already Over?” is beyond snazzy. Each scene is made up of rich black and white photographs, which move the song along in scrappy stop motion. The story starts with a chance meeting between two men on the streets of New York. The love-at-first-sight magic turns into numerous romantic encounters in sunny parks and swanky clubs, with olive-dunked martinis always close at hand. When one of them leaves a room key for the other one at the bar, the video officially has every trait of an old-fashioned love story. Connor builds the setting with subtle descriptions like “How is July already over? / The fan’s still in the window / There’s a car parked on the shoulder / There’s a cloud hanging low.” The vintage feel is enhanced with exquisite menswear as the two main characters show off classy hats, suspenders, and white tuxes throughout the film. Unfortunately, the story ends in heartbreak, but the snappy song makes even the sorrow stylish.

Directed by Marc McAndrews
Starring Matthew Connor and Hunter Canning


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