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Meet The Chimpanzee Who Learned To Raise Lions, Tigers, and Pumas

Meet The Chimpanzee Who Learned To Raise Lions, Tigers, and Pumas

You’ve probably never heard of a surrogate mother situation quite like this one. This chimpanzee at the zoo has become a fill-in mother for some abandoned babies, but it’s not for other chimp babies! You won’t believe how loving this one chimp is to some very ferocious cats.

20. A Flood

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Two tigers cubs were born inside of an animal sanctuary. However, the cubs were born during a terrible hurricane and this flooded the sanctuary. This meant that they had to be separated from their mother.

19. Anjana

Image: Barry Bland – Typepad

Meet Anjana, the chimpanzee. She has a heart of gold and loves showing animals love. So what do two tiger cubs and one chimpanzee have in common? You’re about to find out!

18. Surrogate Mother


Since the two tiger cubs have been relocated, they have been taken under Anjana’s loving arms. The orphaned cats were soon being held, cuddled, and fed. So how did this happen?!

17. Learning


Anjana, who is now five, has lived at The Institute of Greatly Endangered and Rare Species (TIGERS) in South Carolina, in the U.S. her entire life. There she has learned how to take care of large felines while under the watchful eye of resident feline curator China York.

16. Great Learners

Image: Daily Mail

Park director Dr Bhagavan Antle said: “Chimpanzees are great learners and imitators so it wasn’t long before she took on the right behaviours that were necessary to keep the kittens in line.” This is how Anjana quickly became watchful over Mitra and Shiva.

15. Stressed Mother

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Mitra and Shiva, were born during Hurricane Hannah,” said Dr Bhagavan, founder of TIGERS. “During that time everything flooded in the sanctuary and they had to be moved into the house as their mother became stressed.”

14. Important Move

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It was important for their safety that they were separated.” This is when the cubs were brought under the watchful eye of animal care giver China. However, no one knew just how close China’s helper Anjana would get to the cubs.

13. Side By Side

Image: Daily Mail

Dr Bhagavan added: “China’s role means that she is care giver to hundreds of animals when they are born. Anjana has been with China, side by side, ever since she was born and has joined her in caring and raising baby animals.”

12. Helper


So she helped her and acted as a surrogate mother to these animals and she has done these same with these baby white tigers.” So how exactly did Anjana go about helping these tiny baby cubs? You won’t believe how far her motherly duties extended.

11. Motherly Duties

Image: Macmillan Publishers

She gives them a bottle, lies with them and acts as a surrogate mother. She has a close contact and bond and gives them a nurturing.” China and Anjana have been close since the chimpanzee was a young baby, so it was only natural that she would emulate her own mother figure.

10. Raising Many


She has raised leopards, lions, orangutans,” said Dr Bhagavan. “Monkey see as monkey do, and she has taken on this copycat personality and helps China raise the animals.” She has also helped raise some even bigger cats!

9. Great Assistant


She has just finished raising four lions and they were inseparable. She is a great assistant.” Recently, Anjana just took on the role of mother for another abandoned cat. You won’t believe what kind it was this time.

8. Sierra

Image: Daily Mail

Sierra the puma cub was orphaned before she showed up at the zoo. Once Anjana laid eyes on her, however, Sierra would never have to worry about being lonely again. Anjana quickly took on the role of surrogate mother to the tiny puma.

7. Watchful Eye

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If Sierra is running around too fast then Anjana will scoop her up and make sure she doesn’t get into any trouble.” Anjana truly takes on the role of mother seriously and she is actually the first person workers at the zoo approach when they need something.

6. Baby Wipes

Image: Daily Mail

Dr Bhagavad Antle added: “If you need a baby wipe you can just tell her and she’ll run off and get it.” Anjana even bottle feeds Sierra and makes sure that the tiny puma is well fed!

5. Inseparable

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One might assume that the cat’s wouldn’t be so open to a new mother, however, the opposite couldn’t be more true. In fact, the baby cubs and Anjana are practically inseparable. The cubs are always looking around for their surrogate mother.

4. Constant Watch

Image: Daily Mail

Anjana stays around the cubs, keeping a constant watch over them. When they run around and play, Anjana follows along to make sure that no one gets hurt in the process. She is a dedicated mother.

3. Thankful

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The workers at the zoo are incredibly thankful to have Anjana around. Her loving care of the cubs has improved many of their lives exponentially. It has been a truly uplifting experience for all.

2. Playful

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Even though Anjana likes to watch out for her babies, she also enjoys playing with them as well. Thanks to her thick skin, she doesn’t have to worry about getting too hurt when the cubs playful scratch. It’s a great situation for them all.

1. Mother’s Love


Anjana is the perfect example of how pure a mother’s love can be. Even though she is not the cub’s real mom, she has taken on the role perfectly. It is truly a beautiful situation.








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