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Meet The Great Dane That Adopted An Orphaned Deer

Meet The Great Dane That Adopted An Orphaned Deer

While unusual friendships don’t happen often when they do we are often blown away by them. When this Great Dane stumbled across an abandoned fawn she immediately fell in love. Now their unlikely friendship has inspired the creation of a children’s book.

20. Crying

Image: Seattle Trekker

Isobel Springett was inside of her home when she began to hear a strange noise. At first, she couldn’t figure out what it was. Then she realized it was a faint cry.

19. Looking Around

Image: YouTube

Isobel and her Great Dane, Kate, decided to head outside and see where the noise was coming from. As they looked around they saw a tiny fawn stumbling around and unsure of its place in the world. It was a heartbreaking sight.

18. Wandering Around

Image: Daily Mail

We saw the tiny fawn wandering near our house, looking for its mother and crying – it was hard to ignore,” Isobel said, recalling that day. The deer was weak and shivering a lot and Isobel knew she had to help out. So she brought the fawn into the house.

17. Dog Bed

Image: fureveryoungtales

The fawn was shivering nonstop and Isobel realized that she was cold and needed to be warmed up. That’s when she placed her on Kate’s dog bed, hoping that she would warm up like that. Isobel never expected what happened next.

16. Bonding


We brought it into the house and our dog Kate was on her bed, so we put the fawn beside her for warmth. Over the next few days the two bonded,” Isobel explained. The two were instantly in sync…

15. Tucked In

Image: Daily Mail

She tucked her head under the dog’s elbow,” Isobel explained. Kate instantly took a liking to the fawn and was happy to have her to cuddle with. Isobel was shocked at how maternal Kate soon became!

14. Motherly

Image: Macmillan Publishers

Her whole demeanor changed,” Isobel said. “I knew she was a good dog, but I didn’t expect her to mother the fawn.” Soon, Isobel came up with a name for the fawn: Pippin.

13. Outdoors

Image: Daily Mail

After spending about a week inside of the house, Pippin decided that she would rather sleep outside. Sadly, Kate missed her pal and would go outside looking for Pippin. “Often, Kate would go off searching for her, coming back triumphantly with Pip in tow.”

12. Playing Together

Image: Daily Mail

They spent hours playing in our front garden. Even when Pip became a mature doe, she and Kate still played together. They remain the best of friends.” Even after being assimilated to the wild, Pippin would come to the house in search of Kate.

11. Looking

Image: Daily Mail

But every morning she’d show up, tail wagging, looking for Kate and a bottle.” Isobel described the way they would play together as, “Two deer, leaping and running into each other.”

10. Inspired

Image: Macmillan Publishers

This lovely friendship shared between the two inspired Isobel to write a fascinating children’s story. The book is called: Kate & Pippin: An Unlikely Love Story. In the book Isobel explains the entire situation for children to enjoy.

9. The Story


The book tells the story of a photographer from Vancouver Island in British Columbia, Canada that discovered an abandoned baby deer. The story goes on to describe the unique friendship shared between Kate and Pippin and how the love between them grew and grew.

8. Amazing Pictures


Since the duo were so inseparable, Isobel was able to take some of the most amazing photos of them together. Isobel then went on to upload the photos onto Pippin and Kate’s very own website and Facebook page. Everyone fell in love instantly!

7. Still Friends

Image: BuzzFeed

To this day, Kate and Pippin still share a very strong friendship. However, things have changed over the year as Pippin is now a mother! She’ll often bring her offspring to meet up with Kate.

6. Hanging Out

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Pippin will still drop by to hang out with Kate and will run straight toward her with happiness. Her children, on the other hand, still keep their distance. Isobel is blown away by how long this friendship has survived.

5. Strong Connection

Image: Daily Mail

They still love to rub noses,” says Isobel. “There’s a strong connection, but they have no idea it’s a weird one.” Still, not everyone has been fond of Isobel’s adoption of the fawn. There have been some pretty harsh critics as well.

4. Critics

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Wildlife biologist Jeff Morgan, who has studied deer living on Vancouver Island has spoken out, saying, “In the case of deer, very often the mothers will leave the fawns and go off to forage and they will leave for prolonged periods of time. People see this and mistake it for a case of abandonment.”

3. Good Intentions

Image: Isobel Springett

With good intentions, they will take that fawn, but, unwittingly, they’re removing that fawn from its natural environment and its mother.” However, Isobel has spoken out stating that the fawn had been near her home for three days, practically famished before she intervened.

2. Happy

Image: Daily Mail

Despite what others have continued to say, Isobel believes that she did the right thing. She knew that if she hadn’t intervened when she did that the fawn would most likely not be here today. She also wouldn’t have such an amazing friendship with Kate, either!

1. Dynamic Duo

Image: YouTube

Throughout all these years, Pippin and Kate have managed to keep a very odd friendship going. Despite nature being against them, these two have proven that a friendship worth having is worth keeping around.

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