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Meghan Markle Took This Dog From Shelter Pup To British Royalty

Meghan Markle Took This Dog From Shelter Pup To British Royalty

Life was tough for Guy, a Beagle pup that was living on the streets. When he was finally brought into a shelter, it was a high-kill one and his days were numbered. Then British royalty, Meghan Markle, changed his life forever.

20. Guy

Image: Animal Channel

Meet Guy, a Beagle dog. Guy was wandering the woods of Kentucky with no home or anywhere to go. That’s when animal control spotted him…

19. Animal Control

Image: The Dodo

Animal control spotted Guy and quickly captured him. He was picked up and brought over to a high-kill shelter. It wasn’t a good situation at all…

18. Good Dog

Image: Pinterest

Guy was having a tough time getting adopted. Even though he was only three-years-old and had no behavioral issues, no one was showing any actual interest in him. This meant that his days were getting numbered.

17. Second Chance

Image: This Dog’s Life

The shelter wanted to avoid euthanizing Guy so they decided to approach the situation from another route. They sent out an email to Dolores Doherty, founder of Ontario-based rescue group A Dog’s Dream Rescue. She quickly responded!

16. Her Response


Doherty immediately volunteered to take Guy in until he could find a forever home. So some of Doherty’s volunteers drove over to Kentucky to pick Guy up. Then everything changed on one fine day in 2015.

15. Adoption Event

Image: Animal Channel

Back in 2015, Doherty brought Guy out to an adoption event in Ontario, Canada. That’s when Guy and Meghan Markle, his soon-to-be owner, would first meet.

14. Puppy Eyes

Image: Get Leashed

He was just sitting there with those big beagle sad eyes, looking so depressed,” Doherty told The Guardian. “He was irresistible.” Meghan was filming the show Suits in Toronto and decided to drop by the adoption event.

13. No Idea

Image: Animal Channel

Doherty had no idea that Meghan was an actress when she showed up to the adoption event. She only realized this when she had to do a home check and had to make an appointment for security clearance.

12. Adopted

Image: Daily Mail

Once everything was cleared, Guy was officially adopted by Meghan. Guy went from worrying about his life in a high-kill shelter to living a life of comfort with Meghan Markle. He also gained a new sibling as well!

11. Bogart

Image: Animal Channel

Meghan already had a dog at home named Bogart. Guy and Bogart instantly kicked it off and Guy was really living a happy ending. However, the story didn’t end there!

10. Engagement

Image: People

In November 2017, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry announced their engagement to one another. Meghan left her home in U.S. and moved to England to be with Prince Harry. This meant that Guy’s life would be changing too.

9. Bad News

Image: PawCulture

Unfortunately, Meghan wasn’t able to bring Bogart with her to England as the dog was already very old and most likely wouldn’t survive the plane ride. Instead, she found him a wonderful home with one of her friends.

8. Moving


So Meghan packed up her things and brought Guy with her to England. The two of them began to settle into their lives very well. Guy seemed to really love his new surroundings.

7. Wedding Day

Image: Animal Channel

On their wedding, Meghan even made sure to include Guy in the wedding. Guy got to ride in a car with Queen Elizabeth herself. Talk about a lucky dog!

6. Fairytale

Image: Little Things

It’s a total fairytale,” said Alison Preiss of Pet Valu, an Ontario-based pet shop affiliated with the rescue group. Guy’s life had changed dramatically and it was encouraging to see the once abandoned dog be in such lavish surroundings.

5. Wonderful

Image: Pinterest

Here is this dog that was in a shelter, nobody wanted him, and through this wonderful adoption he’s now living in a palace, running around with the royal family,” she told the paper. Everyone is so happy for Guy!

4. Doherty’s Excitement

Image: Popsugar

When Doherty was questioned about Guy’s new life she couldn’t contain her excitement. “It’s just beyond my wildest imagination,” she said. “How is that for a rags-to-riches story?”

3. Getting Famous

Image: Daily Express

Little Guy has also won over the hearts of many fans. Many of Meghan Markle’s fans have become infatuated with the dog that is always by her side.

2. Good Life

Image: Onlinemaza

Now Guy is living the good life as part of a royal family. You would never guess that this little Beagle’s life was once in high danger in a shelter.

1. Caring People

Image: Popsugar

Thanks to many of the caring people throughout the process, Guy was able to get into the arms of a caring owner. Now he’s getting the royal treatment and has truly had a rags to riches story!

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