Men: Top 6 Style Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Men: Top 6 Style Hacks That Will Change Your Life

Hardy Amies said it himself: “A man should look as if he has bought his clothes with intelligence, put them on with care and then forgot all about them.” And who better to take style advice from than the man who dressed the British royal family? But to some men, dressing sharp and looking sophisticated can be a daunting task, and some even fear that a more “mature” look means an “older” look. This, however, doesn’t have to be the case. Here are six simple style hacks every man can use to look smart and clean-cut without abandoning his own personal sense of style.

Number Six: Plan Your Wardrobe in Advance. Nothing will save you both time and a headache like planning your outfits ahead of time. It may seem vain and materialistic at first, but coordinating a polished look in advance sure beats blindly stumbling through one’s wardrobe in the morning. Spend some time over the weekends just paring shirts with slacks and button downs with blazers for the week ahead; that way you can get ready faster in the morning without wasting time. Furthermore, try to buy clothes that go with things you already own, that way you already have a bunch of things that easily go together.

Number Five: Stand Tall. You may be wearing a thousand dollar suit, but nothing will kill the sex appeal of Hugo Boss faster than a bad slouch – not to mention bad posture leads to back pain and migraines later in life. So practice standing upright, and sit with a straight back! Not only will this make your clothes look better on you, but it’ll give you a major confidence boost too. Style starts with your sense of self, and nothing is more attractive than a confident man.

Number Four: Get a Good Bag. Practicality is sexy. One may believe carrying a bag everywhere is too cumbersome, but it sure comes in handy. Be it a briefcase or a hipster messenger bag, a good bag is not only useful – you gotta put that MacBook somewhere when you travel – but can also tie an outfit together nicely. Pick your bag based on what you carry with you daily – laptop, tablet, even extra clothes – but also make sure it goes well with your wardrobe.

Number Three: Know How to Layer. Layering is a fashion staple, but it can also be tricky. Start off by simply pairing a sweater with a plain tee; it’s an easy combo, but it’s one that never fails to look interesting. Also, don’t forget a jacket. Your coat should always go with your outfit – no matter what. So try to buy a jacket that goes with everything; when in doubt, a leather jacket in a neutral tone is always in style. Above all, don’t be intimidated by layering – as long as you keep each piece simple, it’ll go smoothly. When it comes to layers, less is always more.

Number Two: Accessorize. A lot of men feel that a suit doesn’t allow them to show who they really are, but this doesn’t have to be the case. While your suit may be grey, and you may be wearing a button down and shined shoes like every other guy at the office, there are certain things you can do to set you apart, and each one of those things deals with accessories. Start by investing in a decent watch; it might set you back a pretty penny, but it’ll pay for itself in the long run. From band type to the face of the watch itself – maybe you get a watch that shows different time zones, or you have a black background with colored accents – there are a million possibilities to make it your own.

Number One: Love Yourself. It’s been said before, and I mentioned it earlier, because it’s true: your style should mirror your personality. A positive, confident personality leads to a smart, classic sense of style. Don’t try to be something you’re not when it comes to your clothing. Wear what’s comfortable for you, what works best for you, and is practical for you and your lifestyle. If you’re comfortable and confident in yourself, you’ll be confident in your clothes, and that’s what will ultimately lead to a successful and unique style.

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