Mojo Webb - We Haven't Met Yet (Official Music Video)

Mojo Webb – We Haven’t Met Yet

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In Dean Saffron’s video for Mojo Webb’s “We Haven’t Met Yet,” the earthy, retro motorcycle footage is the perfect match for his easygoing Blues jam. The video sits warmly under a vintage filter and features both a male and female rider. Both of them show off classic Café Racer bikes, which appear to have late 60s to early 70s-era styling. Webb, who is the male rider in the film, drives a Moto Guzzi, which is full of rearsets and has the distinctive large headlight of a Café. He leans well over the tank as he rides, wearing a leather jacket and a Three-Quarter helmet. The woman also wears a 3/4, but her bike is much newer than his. She drives a Triumph, and is a bit more relaxed in her posture. They ride together against a mountainous skyline surrounded by fields, and the contrast between them is perfect; he smokes a cigar, she fixes her lipstick in the mirror. The contrast is even more captivating as Webb’s unhurried vocals coast along and the two bikers race by.

Music written and performed by Mojo Webb
Filmed and Edited by Dean Saffron
Artistic Director – Lucy Heywood
Production Assistant – Richard Ennis


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