Momend - Another Human Being (Official Music Video)

Momend – Another Human Being

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Momend‘s music video for “Another Human Being” is an interesting one. On a late evening, we see a middle-aged man waiting outside of a bar and grill restaurant. He turns out to be the bartender of the place and kills time until closing hours are in effect. As he walks behind the bar, he pans the room and notices another man dozed off in the corner with a drink still in his hand. The bartender obtains a mysterious briefcase with who knows what. As he tries to open it, he is interrupted by a group of men (the band) knocking on the door. The group then disperses as the bartender makes it known that it is closing hours and they cannot come in. Inside the briefcase is a pair of bright golden and pointy shoes. Along with a cowboy hat, the bartender puts on these shoes and begins dancing. At this point, everything is in slow motion. The music is upbeat and the band from Latvia know how to play their instruments well. Being that the video was a strange one from the beginning, it gets even weirder. Suddenly, a mysterious object floating in the sky appears. Watch what happens next in this quirky, indie alternative video. 

Director and Editor – Roberts Kuļenko
DOP – Jānis Andrejevs
Gaffer – Uldis Tripāns
Colorist – Andrejs Rudzāts
VFX – Armands Blumbergs, Roberts Kuļenko and Dagnis Krusts
Make-Up – Alise Avota
Starring – Romans Korovins, Ivars Blanks and Momend
Camera Assistant – Māris Zommers
Best Boy – Igors Martinovs


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