MRF ft. Lisa Bello and Justin Waithe - Trying (Official Music Video)

MRF ft. Lisa Bello and Justin Waithe – Trying

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We are shown a tough reality in the video for “Trying” by MRF, featuring Lisa Bello, Justin Waithe and Yasko Kubota. We see a man in a suit coming home to an empty apartment, and everything about the setting seems dim and lonely. When he sits down in his living room and reminisces, his flashbacks give the space a completely different tone. In his memories, his boyfriend/husband arrives home shortly after him, with a friendly dog bouncing through the doorway. Though little about the apartment has changed, their warm embrace seems to color the whole scene in a new light. The man is then shown drinking alone in a darkened park, clutching a ball they used to play fetch with. This time, his flashback shows the couple strolling through much brighter weather, playing with their dog and laughing. We then see them ordering pizza, watching a movie on their couch, and finally, breaking up with one final hug. What really makes the video moving is not only how genuine it feels, but the fact that the things he misses most about his relationship are all the simple, everyday moments.

MRF (Performing/Recording Artist, Composer, Songwriter, Pianist, Lead Role and Director)
Lisa Bello (featured Vocalist)
Justin Waithe (featured Vocalist)
Yasko Kubota (featured Keyboardist)
Keithen “Bassman” Foster – Bass
Carrington Brown – Drums
James Zaner – Engineer, Mixing Engineer
Tom Waltz – Mastering Engineer
Steve Osemwenkae – VIdeographer, Co-director
Mladen Bozic – Lead Actor opposite MRF
Jeff Ramsey – Stand in Vocalist
PD – White Boxer Dog


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