Muhammad Ali: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Muhammad Ali: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Muhammad Ali was one of the greatest boxers of his time, and for that matter, of all time. The “float like a butterfly, sting like a bee” boxer may be 73 years old, but he’s a long way away from being forgotten. However, despite all the time Ali has spent in the public eye, there are still some things about him that many people don’t know. With that in mind, here we present our list of 15 things you probably didn’t know about Muhammad Ali. Check out part one below, and stay tuned for part two, coming soon!

Number Fifteen: He Regrets Turning His Back on Malcolm X. Ali has said that turning his back on Malcolm X was “one of the biggest mistakes of my life.” The two had a falling out in 1964 when they were both touring in Ghana.

Number Fourteen: He Has a Very Specific Favorite Meal. Ali has said that his favorite meal involves macaroni and cheese, spinach, baked chicken, dressing, green peas, and hot buttered rolls. What a Southern boy!

Number Thirteen: He Does Not Associate His Career With His Current Condition. Ali currently suffers from Parkinson’s disease, which is a motor disorder involving the brain. However, Ali has said that his current condition cannot be linked back to his career of being punched over and over.

Number Twelve: His Daughter Was an Incredibly Talented Boxer. Ali’s daughter is Laila Ali, and she eventually became a professional boxer. Not only was she professional, but she had an undefeated record of 24 and 0.

Number Eleven: He Beat Superman. In a 1978 comic book, Ali can be seen pitted against Superman in the ring. Ali was so well-respected and his talents so highly regarded at the time that he beat Superman in the comic.

Number Ten: He Has Many Famous Relatives. Through Ali’s father’s English and Irish roots, Ali has been linked to General Robert E. Lee, President Zachary Taylor, and Katie Couric.

Number Nine: His Idol Was Gorgeous George. Ali modeled his persona after professional wrester Gorgeous George. Ali said that he loved the way George’s behavior affected the crowd.

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