Mumdance - Don't Forget Me Now feat. Esser (Official Music Video)

Mumdance – Don’t Forget Me Now feat. Esser

Mumdance from the UK has a music video for “Don’t Forget Me Now” which features Esser. The video also features…fruit! A multitude of fruit, a menagerie really of berries, citrus, melons, all varieties, is used to create faces that sing the lyrics to the camera. When the fruit is large enough, it is the entire head, with eyes made of berries, for example. When the fruit is on the smallish side, it’s stuck to a strange, furry material, giving the impression of rather freaky furry creatures singing at you. A few melons of various types have been stuck on a stick, with a wedge cut out. The wedge is also stuck on stick, and a rubber gloved hand originating offscreen holding the stick, wags the jaw of the fruithead up and down in time to the lyrics. The result is a choir of oddly familiar (human) looking fruit-heads asking you to please, “Don’t forget me now.”

Director: Ben Reed


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