MyGreatRecipes Enables Students to Reach for the Stars

MyGreatRecipes Enables Students to Reach for the Stars

MyGreatRecipes Enables Students to Reach for the Stars

If the name MyGreatRecipes rings a bell, then you have probably stumbled across this website while searching for easy, delicious, and unique recipes. Or, if you were a cooking enthusiast back in the 80s, then you MUST remember the “decks” of recipe cards that shook the cooking world to foundations.

Now, IMP (International Masters Publishers) is trying to do exactly the same with their online platform, and with over 260.000 users they are on the right track. What’s more, they are about to step up the game by giving young individuals a chance to thrive and show their skills off with a new competition designed to improve this recipe platform.

In collaboration with SOLVEO, a crowdsourced business development platform, IMP provides students with an opportunity to win 500 euros as a team, while simultaneously improving their marketing, business, management and design skills. The idea to better the costumer experience is central to this project, yet another proof that MyGreatRecipes, and the team behind it, are constantly looking for ways to improve their services and meet, and exceed their customer’s expectations.

Another equally important goal of this competition is to join students with different educational profiles and encourage them to work together as a team. A fundamental aspect that people at IMP and MyGreatRecipes focus on.

The benefits from participating in a competition like this one are countless: working for an international company, working on an actual project, working with professionals and other enthusiastic young people, to name a few. But maybe the most significant one is the opportunity to become a part of MyGreatRecipes.

Since today is the first day of the competition we contacted the people over at SOLVEO and MGR and the answer that the applications piled up came as no surprise. But for optimal results, as we were told, the number of people that are going to be given the chance to participate is 20. May the best man, or in this case team, win!

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