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NBA Star Stephen Curry Received A Letter From A 9-Year-Old Girl, But She Didn’t Expect Such Shocking Response From Him

NBA Star Stephen Curry Received A Letter From A 9-Year-Old Girl, But She Didn’t Expect Such Shocking Response From Him
Image: ABC News

Many kids love to play sports and when they do, there’s nothing they like more than wearing the gear of their favorite player. One young basketball player got frustrated when she went to shop for the kicks of her favorite NBA player and she decided to do something about in a letter. Read to see her letter and the amazing response she received.

16. Meet Riley

Image: ABC News

Riley Morrison is a 9-year-old girl living in Napa, California and is an avid basketball fan. She loves to play the sport and root on her favorite NBA team, The Golden State Warriors. As a point guard, her heart is completely in the game.

15. Her Favorite Team

Image: FOX NY

The Golden State Warriors are Riley’s favorite team and she was thrilled to watch them go to the NBA Championships. She and her father would watch at the Warrior’s arena or at home, cheering on all of the players, especially Steph Curry.

14. Her Idol

Image: ABC News

Steph Curry is often called the best shooter in NBA history. As a point guard, he was definitely one of Riley’s idols and she watched his games carefully hoping to pick up tips. Besides cheering him on, one of the best ways for her to show her fandom was to wear his gear.

13. Wanting New Kicks

Image: Weartesters

Many young fans love to wear the sneakers associated with their idols, and Riley was no exception. Just like kids in the 90’s wanting to get a pair of Jordans, she yearned to own a pair of his signature shoes, the Icon Curry 5’s, made by Under Armour.

12. The Curry 5’s

Image: Boredom Therapy

Under Armour sells the Steph Curry Collection with shoes, shirts, socks, and more inspired by the basketball star. One of the most coveted items from the collection has to be the Curry 5’s and they’re sold in adult and children’s sizes. Riley had to have a pair.

11. Buying the Shoes

Image: KTVU

Riley was excited to look up the shoes and dreamed of her dad purchasing them. She excitedly went to the Under Armour website with her dad to look up the Curry 5’s, and was shocked with what she saw there. The shoes didn’t come in girl’s sizes.

10. No Girl’s Sizes

Image: Weartesters

Riley was dismayed. She played basketball just like the boys who did have shoes labeled for them. Why couldn’t she have a pair of Curry 5’s? She was a huge fan and wanted to wear her idol’s shoes. She decided to take a stand.

9. Making Her Voice Heard

Image: Teen Vogue

Riley was discouraged but determined to make her opinion about the shoe choice heard. She realized that she probably wasn’t alone either because other girls who played basketball. Steph Curry needed to know what she had found.

8. Writing a Letter

Image: Twitter

She decided to write a letter and wrote a heartfelt message to her idol. In it, she said that she asked her dad to buy her the new Curry 5’s because she was going to start a new season but that she and her dad were sad to see the Curry 5’s only under boy’s sizes.

7. Supporting Girl Athletes

Image: Youth Basketball Camps

Riley went on to say that she knew Steph Curry supported girl athletes because he has two daughters and that he hosts an all-girls basketball camp. She wondered why he would have the shoes not available in girl’s sizes. But would he even read and respond to the letter?

6. Steph Curry Replies

Image: SB Nation

She soon had her answer. He read the letter and knew that Riley made good points. After all, he had once said “I want [my daughters] to grow up in a world where their gender does not feel like a rulebook for what they should think, or be, or do.” He decided to reply.

5. What He Said

Image: Twitter

Even when he was in the middle of a busy season, Steph Curry knew that he needed to make things right. He called his manager and the two discussed the branding. Then he decided to write a personal response to Riley.

4. Getting the Response

Image: CBS News

Riley wasn’t aware that her idol had actually written her back. She was coming home from school one day when her parents surprised her with the letter. He had written back and that wasn’t all!

3. Thanking Riley

Image: ABC 7 Chicago

Steph Curry wrote that he was working with Under Armour to correct the sizing and thanked her for bringing it to his attention. He also said that he wanted to send her a reward for letting him know of the discrepancy. She soon realized what he had done!

2. A Big Surprise

Image: Deliberate Magazine

He was going to send her a pair of Curry 5’s in her size, but not only that, she would also get a pair of Curry 6’s right off the line! But there was one more surprise in store for her and it was something never expected.

1. That Wasn’t All

Image: Mercury News

Her idol requested she join him in Oakland for a special game on International Women’s Day to celebrate women and girls in sports. Riley was thrilled at the invitation and of course, she said yes. Now not only would she get her Curry 5’s in girl’s sizes, but so would other girls.

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