Ne-Yo: 'HashTag' Single Review

Ne-Yo: ‘HashTag’ Single Review

Ne-Yo: 'HashTag' Single Review

Ne-Yo is still giving competition a run for their money, a race they need more than luck to win. We are still tranced by the infectious sound of his recent album Non-Fiction, which was the most outstanding R’n’B male album of 2015. It is from this album that we are enjoying hit songs like “Coming With You,” “She Knows,” “Time Of Our Lives,” “Money Can’t Buy” and several others. My personal best is “Story time,” which was produced and sang with utterly compelling uniqueness. It is the most distinguishable song on that album. He is now presenting us with another magnificent song titled “HashTag.”

“HashTag” is another song from Ne-Yo that presents extremely high potential. Ne-Yo remains consistently on fire with the quality of music he has delivered since the album “Non-fiction.” Not many artists have the ability to keep releasing new music after they have just dropped an album. But Ne-Yo goes to show the fans that he is working every day to keep them entertained by continuing to release new music after just dropping an amazing album.

This song has typical Ne-Yo elements in its sound. It is sedately flowing, the lyrics are catchy and how clever he puts them together will have your grinning at the brilliance of this writer. Ne-Yo is no stranger to creating theme music for people in relationships, he knows how to cater for everyone dealing with any relationship situation. With “HashTag” he has presented one which caters for the current generation.

The song is about hashtags of problems of people in love. These hashtags are now a common scene on social media especially twitter where people with problems express them on the social media networks and have others comment on them. These comments are usually supportive, advice and sometimes blame or criticism.

“Get off my timeline, I’m telling you I’m fine / and yes I stopped crying don’t worry am not dying / but I’m not picking my phone so stop trying to call me / I want to be alone,” sings Ne-Yo in the song. The reality in this song is one we are all familiar with. We have either been victims or we have participated in these hashtags. Throughout the song we hear Ne-Yo talk about the social media scene when people post about their problems. The pictures you had together, taking selfies and captioning it “crying yesterday, but I’m smiling today” just to let the world know that you are fine. We see all this every day and we are all too familiar with this song.

This song scores a lot of points on the simple creativity it is based on. Relationship problems crowd our timelines these days and Ne-Yo is putting what we see every day in a song. The best part of this song is that it talks about the things we see every day. It creates the excitement of hearing one of your favorite musicians sing about something that you completely relate to. That aside, this is an amazing song, Ne-Yo’s experience and brilliance at creating good music is all over this song. The lyrics are clever and exciting, the song’s concept is even more exciting, and the entire composition is pure magnificence.

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