Neil Diamond: Top 7 Most Inspiring Lyrics

Neil Diamond: Top 7 Most Inspiring Lyrics

Neil Diamond: Top 7 Most Inspiring Lyrics

Neil Diamond has been inspiring audiences with his music since he began performing in New York in 1962. His hits, such as “America,” “Song Sung Blue” and “Solitary Man,” contain some of the most inspirational lyrics of all time. Here are just seven of his most inspiring lyrics, filled with compassion and wisdom to keep with you in your everyday life.

Number Seven: Solitary Man

“But until I can find me/ The Girl who’ll stay/ And won’t play games behind me/ I’ll be what I am/ A solitary man.” This song is an ode to the women who have broken the narrator’s heart and the realization that he is better off being alone until he finds someone who will love him wholly. It’s not just inspirational for men, but women as well. The theme of one’s self-worth coming first is universal.

Number Six: Song Sung Blue

“Funny thing/ But you can sing it with a cry in your voice/ And before you know it start to feeling good/ You simply got no choice.” “Song Sung Blue” suggests that if you’re in a bad mood, you can sing the blues and it will help you get through it. Neil Diamond backs that up with an uplifting melody that instantly makes you smile and forget the bad mood ever existed in the first place.

Number Five: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother

“If I’m laden at all/ I’m laden with sadness/ That everyone’s heart/ Isn’t filled with the gladness/ Of love for one another.” While this song, about loving your fellow man as if he were your brother, is actually a cover, that doesn’t make it any less inspirational. It illustrates beautifully that helping others isn’t a burden, then pours in the guilt, essentially saying that he feels sad for anyone who doesn’t feel love for people other than themselves.

Number Four: Yesterday’s Songs

“Baby, yesterday’s blues/ May be yesterday’s news/ But the truth always stays the same/ And the good things will never change.” “Yesterday’s Songs” relates that while the songs of yesterday might come and go, the best things in life will always be there. Whether that is romantic love, like in this song, or family or good friends, the good things in life aren’t as fleeting as the news.

Number Three: Forever in Blue Jeans

“Money talks/ But it can’t sing and dance/ And it can’t walk/ And long as I can have you/ Here with me/ I’d much rather be/ Forever in blue jeans.” Another love song, this one says that money does not matter as long as you have love. Particularly in the chorus (since the rest of this song seems to be about making love in front of the fireplace), it is clear that money and possessions are great, but he’d rather be working class in blue jeans and working to make ends meet than not have his girl by his side.

Number Two: Don’t Think… Feel

“Life is a card, you take what you get/ You do what you can to feel no regret/ You do what you can, forget about words/ Just go with the feelin’/ It usually works.” “Don’t Think… Feel” sounds a bit cliché today, but Neil Diamond makes a good point with it. The premise is that it doesn’t pay to overthink things and that it is better to use your intuition to make decisions instead. Its up-tempo melody gives the song light, perfectly mirroring the song’s “do what makes you happy” vibe.

Number One: America by Neil Diamond

“Free/ Only want to be free/ We huddle close/ Hang on to a dream.” One of Neil Diamond’s most inspirational songs is also his most patriotic. Full of gusto, “America” talks of people coming over to the United States to have a chance at freedom and the “American dream.” The song even ends with a bit of “My Country ‘Tis of Thee,” bringing home the message of freedom even further. Thank you for reading our list of the top 8 most inspirational Neil Diamond lyrics. We hope you enjoyed it!

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