Nelly ft. Jeremih: 'The Fix' Single Review

Nelly ft. Jeremih: ‘The Fix’ Single Review

Nelly ft. Jeremih: ‘The Fix’ Single Review / PPcorn art / PPcorn art / PPcorn art

Nelly has been gone for merely a minute, but he makes a dazzling return with a track featuring Marvin Gaye’s “Sexual Healing.” The song is titled “The Fix,” and it will have you fixed to your phone, iPod or radio every time it plays. It is so beautifully sampled I believe that Marvin Gaye himself would be impressed with the outcome. Nelly teams up with Jeremih, who is an illustrious benefit to elevating the song. Jeremih puts up a powerful vocal performance on the chorus, and he recreates the Marvin Gaye sound quite brilliantly.

“The Fix” has another tremendous touch – the always on point DJ Mustard, who is an assurance of quality production for everything he does. The key melody from “Sexual Healing” by Marvin Gaye plays in the background of the single, but with a modified sound. Together, the trio takes the Marvin Gaye sound and adds a 2015 feel. It’s impossible not to love.

Nelly brings us his familiar flow, presented in a unique style that defines the “Nelly” sound. In the first verse, Nelly talks about a girl who has a man, but she hits Nelly up for sex. Nelly is not one to turn down a beautiful woman, although the fact that she has a man has him thinking that maybe she isn’t right. Nelly offers her the key, and they agree to meet in the lobby. And Jeremih takes it away from there.

Jeremih comes through with the chorus “When you need that Fix, the medicine / I know you like it like this / when you get that itch adrenaline / heart beating outta’ your chest / and when that pressure’s building I got what you need / come f**k with me / and when you get that feeling I got sexual healing baby.” By this point in time we know what Jeremih brings to a song. His capability has never been questionable, and he brings his A game; fused with Nelly’s trance-like performance, the duo gives the song a pleasurable sound.

I have always been fascinated by Nelly and his ability to actually carry a melody. He does incredible background vocals and adlibs with an almost falsetto-like quality for Jeremih’s chorus. The pair have truly come together on “The Fix,” and there’s no doubt they have that “wow” factor.

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