New City Kings - Giving Up (Official Music Video)

New City Kings – Giving Up

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New City Kings’ heartfelt, tear-jerking music video for “Giving Up” follows a bright blue-eyed girl as she endeavors to get her work published. The camera shots of her struggling against the obstacles life is throwing her way are interchanged with shots of New City Kings themselves, playing outside at night near a shot cornfield with contained bonfires and torches burning in the background. Things get particularly rough when the blue-eyed beauty’s boyfriend tries to comfort her in a moment of extreme frustration, which results in an argument instead of reassurance that everything will be fine and work itself out. The precision of the cinematography is such that the music syncs up tightly with the girl’s every movement, accentuating the determination of her actions. Her frustration reaches such a high point that she takes all of her manuscripts outside and sets fire to them. The flames of the burning pages coincide with the flames of the fires and torches burning around New City Kings who are playing with as much emotion as the young writer has. The following morning, she rifles through the ashes and salvages what she can of the burnt pages, feeling a renewed sense of possibility.

Directed by Lewis Cater
Produced by Olly Rowland
Performed and written by Mark Kovic, Ben Kovic, Ben Nyari


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