Will You Stick to Your New Year's Resolutions?

Will You Stick to Your New Year’s Resolutions?

Most people give up their New Year’s resolution before the end of January. Will you follow through and change yourself for the better? This quiz will test your resolutions and dedication.
1. When did you come up with your New Year’s Resolution?
I came up with something at the last minute.
It’s been bothering me, but I only recently made it a resolution.
I knew it would be my resolution as soon as the holidays started.
I knew it’d be my resolution before the holidays started.
2. Do you have a history of starting what you finish?
Absolutely. I always see things through to the end.
No, I jump to new projects all the time.
I’m pretty consistent with my goals.
Only when I have no distractions.
3. What’s the time frame to complete your resolution?
I’m giving myself the whole year to do it.
I could theoretically do it any time before the year ends.
It’s something that needs to be done by the first half of the year.
I don’t know. It’s kind of a vague goal.
4. Have you discussed your resolutions with friends or family?
No, I’m keeping it to myself.
I mention the goal itself, but not much else.
I’ll be regularly updating people who support me.
Yes, and some helped me plan it out a little.
5. Is your goal broken down into smaller steps?
Mostly, although some of the steps will be tough.
I’m going to do that at some point.
Yes, and I’m confident about my schedule.
Should I be doing that?
6. Lastly, how seriously will you follow the rules of your resolution?
I don’t know, it’s kind of scary…
I have some wiggle room so I don’t give up.
I have realistic but minor exceptions that keep me sane.
My rules are strict, and I’ll think twice before breaking them.
Early Quitter
Unfortunately, you may end up quitting or forgetting your resolution within the first few months. If you really want to make it all the way, break down your plans, set boundaries, and look up strategies for your specific resolution.
Some Chance
While you’re fairly serious about changing yourself for the betting or getting an important task done, the nature of your busy life may derail you. Look for ways to keep on track of your progress throughout the year and keep the goal clear in your mind.
Solid Chance
You’re very dedicated and invested in the little details. You can see the hurdles ahead, which puts you at an advantage compared to most who make New Year’s Resolutions. Don’t get too comfortable, but you do have a good chance of making it.
Guaranteed Resolver
You have the right balance of focus, leniency, and dedication. You’re gonna make it, and maybe even beat your goals, despite how hard it is! Well done, you are an inspiration to others who struggle through their resolutions.
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