NFL: Top 11 Most Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

NFL: Top 11 Most Interesting Facts You Didn’t Know

NFL: Top 11 Most Interesting Facts You Didn't Know

The National Football League is a popular league, and with it comes some of the most interesting facts you’ll across today. In this article, you’re going to realize some very intriguing facts about the NFL. In fact, some of them are almost crazy!

Number Eleven: A Football Match Lasts Only About 11 Minutes

Let the players into the field and have them play. By the time the game is over, the total time spent in the field amounts to about 11 minutes.

Number Ten: The Huddle’s Original Use Was Code For Language

There was this great quarterback, Paul D. Hubbard, and he was blind. He created the huddle to confuse the opponent teams into misinterpreting is sign language signals during the game.

Number Nine: The Chicago Bears Have Never Changed

In 1922, the American professional Football Association was renamed into the National Football League. All other teams have since changed their names or cities too, except the Chicago Bears!

Number Eight: All The Balls Are Made At The Wilson Factory

Every football used in the NFL comes from the Wilson factory located at Ada in Ohio. The area population is estimated at about 6,000 people.

Number Seven: The Baltimore Ravens’ Name Has Something Really Poetic About It

What if I told you that the Baltimore Ravens aren’t actually named after the bird? True to fact, the name was derived from a poem by Edgar Allen Poe. Interesting!

Number Five: These Guys Haven’t Played In Their Own City For Decades!

Since 1971, the Dallas Cowboys haven’t had a game in Dallas. In fact, their stadium isn’t even in that city. It’s in Arlington, Texas!

Number Four: This NFL Team Was The First To Use Their Logo On Helmets

While most teams didn’t have their logo on their helmets, the St. Louis Ras did. The cool style has since spread across the NFL league teams.

Number Three: This Team Is Actually A Public Corporation!

You wonder if there’s an NFL team registered as a public corporation. Well, we can now confirm that the Green Bay Packers is that team!

Number Two: Most Players Run Bankrupt Just After Walking Off The Pitch

It’s become almost an expected norm that close to 78% of NFL players become bankrupt barely 2 years after throwing in the towel in their careers. That’s intriguing!

Number One: Most Interesting: Only One Person Has Played Both The World Series And The Super Bowl

Deion Sanders has made some history. Apparently, he’s the only player to have run with the ball in the World Series and also the Super Bowl. That must be a catchy topic!

Now, these simple facts are most interesting, to say the least. That’s why you might want to stay around this site for more of such juicy articles. Good for you!

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