Elliot the Bull and their awesome video

No Bull About it, This Video Rocks!

Video production company Oh Yeah Wow has been in the news recently for accusing One Direction of plagiarizing a recent video  of theirs.  Whether those allegations are true is something you’ll have to decide with your own internet surfing, so why not start here with their jaw-dropping stop motion video created for Elliot the Bull‘s “Colourblind“.  After you watch this you’ll be chomping at the bit to get as much Oh Yeah Wow and Elliot the Bull as you can.  Telling the tale of a lonely wooden creature and his mysterious dark counterpart, there’s quite a bit of mystery to this video until the very end.  I’ve always been a sucker for stop motion, and the fluidity of this video does not disappoint.


Australian band Elliot the Bull has been growing gradually since their inception.  This first video of theirs represents a huge leap into the public consciousness, with their dark and hollow tune coinciding very well with the darkly lit video.  To just focus on the video does a bit of disservice to the song, which wields some powerful lyrics and chords for the listeners.  Hopefully this song and video will give Elliot the Bull the much deserved exposure they have been yearning for.  Even if it doesn’t, at least they have this song which will be imprinted in your memory as you grow to care for the wooden creatures on display.


The stop motion on display in this video is hard to wrap one’s head around.  As impressively fluid the motion is, the changes in coloration and the “flying” pyramids are the real technical standouts.  The countless hours needed to create the world really made me connect to a world that took so much effort to create.  And even though blackness surrounds the darker creature every small texture is powerfully visible thanks to an expert understanding of lighting.  Maybe that’s what makes me feel so depressed when the dark creature emerges as a destructive force in the video.  To see a wonderfully realized world be created and then destroyed in a span of minutes is pretty heavy stuff to deal with on a Monday.  

This is going to be a video you’ll want to show your friends.  If not for the terrific sound and story, then just to marvel at the incredible workmanship of the effects.  I recommend paying close attention to how different stages of the story sync up with shifts in the song.  This is by far one of the more technically impressive videos on FDRMX and it is definitely not one to be passed up.  A video like this really exemplifies what can happen when two talented groups of artists do all they can to cooperate and make a work that much better.  

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