Nod Your Head to the beat of Nod One's Head

Nod Your Head to the Beat of Nod One’s Head

nod Ones head

If you’re like me you spend most of, if not all of, the week thinking about the weekend. What am I going to do? Who will I get to see? Will I meet anyone interesting? Today’s video deals with someone who asks herself “Will I meet my Secret Love tonight?” The story of this woman’s hidden infidelity is paired with an energetic beat from Nod One’s Head.

The video kicks off with atmospheric silence as the camera pans over the bedroom of a sleeping blonde woman. Soon, the woman wakes up, lights a cigarette, and begins the song with a surprising jolt from the vamp. This is followed by a far more shocking jolt when the woman gets up to reveal a hole in her chest. I’ve paused this moment every time I’ve watched the video and can’t fully figure out what is up with that (It’s never referenced or shown again). My guess is its symbolic of how incomplete she is without her “Secret Love”. Either way, it’s a pretty impressive visual effect.

Once that’s out of the way we’re taken on a tour of the town as the woman hangs out with several friends before going to a dance club. Footage of her night out is intercut with another man’s night on the town with his friends before arriving at the same dancefloor. What happens next won’t surprise anyone whose been paying even passing attention to the lyrics (or the title of the song for that matter). The last few images are, to me, the most creative as it’s a perfect visual representation of the longing each secret lover is experiencing.

The German Electro group of Nod One’s Head is made of up Lotte “Lovegood” and Moritz Bommert. The Berlin based duo describes itself as an authentic band that thrives on the club culture. This music video seems to reflect that fascination. I wonder how many “Secret Loves” Nod One’s Head sees on the dance floor during every performance, not to mention the one’s their causing with such a mischievous track.

Check out the video yourself and maybe share it with your secret or nor-so-secret lover.

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