Noplag@Edu Review

Noplag@Edu Review

Noplag@Edu Review

Noplag@EDU is plagiarism software for universities, colleges, and other educational establishments and that can be used as a Learning Management System by educators. It can be used both by staff and students. Plagiarism in education happens very often, so using this software teacher and professors can easily detect plagiarized academic writing and students can check their works before delivery for similarities or cases of accidental plagiarizing as well as use many other useful services.

When it comes to the users of Noplag@EDU, it is mainly a plagiarism checker for students, while educators have a wider range of opportunities. Having installed the software on the computer a teacher can log in his or her personal page and invite students inserting their e-mail addresses. There is also a list of additional functions available for a teacher, who can opt for:

  1. New Check

Here one can browse or copy & paste the following file formats like doc, docx, rtf, txt, html, pdf, opt and check them for similarities.

  1. Assignments

Teachers can assign students tasks setting the starting date and the deadline for its submission. When a student submits an assignment, the teacher receives a notification. An educator can open the table of Submitted Assignments and see the information about the work: the title, number of pages, words, paper ID, submission date as well as the percentage of similarities detected. There is a column to grade student’s paper too.

  1. Reports

This option contains the reports of the performed plagiarism detection checks.

  1. Gradebook

Each teacher can create a gradebook for each class and evaluate students’ assignments in accordance with the results of the plagiarism check.

  1. Class

This function shows an educator the requirements to each class of students. There is a number of classes with the indicated date and time shown at the top. Lower a teacher can state the academic year, the description of the class, students, plagiarism report settings, type of the plagiarism check and other important data.

  1. Library

A teacher can create his personal library of files.

  1. Users

Here it is possible to look through the list of students, their status, user IDs, role, E-mails and group they refer to.

  1. Settings

The option helps a teacher to customize his personal page in accordance with his expectations.

Noplag@Edu is not only a plagiarism detector for colleges. Being a comfortable system to coordinate the interaction between students and educators it is also a useful plagiarism checker for schools, where pupils have an inclination to plagiarizing too. Both secondary and higher educational institutions require a good learning management system and this software offers this function accompanied by quality plagiarism check of each assignment. Use of Noplag@EDU eases teachers’ lives as well as makes studying interactive and organized. It is a decent substitution of old-fashioned paper documents and a step forward in the struggles against academic plagiarism.

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