OK Go - I Won't Let You Down (Official Music Video)

OK Go – I Won’t Let You Down

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OK Go’s music video for “I Won’t Let You Down” is jaw-droppingly ambitious – not that we expected anything less from them. It’s clear they have upgraded their treadmills as they glide around Japan on hi-tech Honda UNI-CUBs. Wearing matching black suits and mismatching rainbow socks (swoon), they zoom out the door as the camera zooms out to an aerial shot. That’s when the “how on earth did they do that?”s really start kicking in. Groups of dancers sweep in and join them in a swirling pattern of color and movement. With red umbrellas that pop open like flowers and people who fall to the ground like dominoes, the full effect is hypnotic. Everything is quick as can be, and the choreography grows more and more complex with every beat. The red soon turns to rainbow as more dancers join the mix. When the cameras zoom out to satellite heights, the tops of the umbrellas become pixels that spell out the lyrics.

Label: Paracadute/BMG

Website: okgo.net
Twitter: twitter.com/okgo
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