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Orphaned Kitten Convinces Stray Dog To Adopt Her

Orphaned Kitten Convinces Stray Dog To Adopt Her

When this orphaned kitten met this dog, they fell in love right from the beginning. Both of them were living a hard life and managed to find each other during a crucial time. Your heart will break when you find out how much these two have helped one another.

20. The Cat Man

Image: Bored Panda

Mohammad Alaa Jaleel, also known as The Cat Man Of Aleppo, has been helping out many of the cats in war-torn Syria. While everyone else has been running away, Jaleel has stayed behind to give shelter to many of the cats caught up in the war.

19. Dangerous City

Image: Bored Panda

The city of Aleppo has been dangerous for over the past four years and approximately 40,000 people have fled in order to avoid the war. However, Jaleel felt that he couldn’t leave behind many of the cats living in the city. So he made a conscious choice to stay behind.

18. Savior

Image: Imgur.com

So Jaleel started by originally saving 20 cats, however, that has now turned into over 100! He houses all of the cats in his home and feeds them all each day. Soon word got out to neighboring animals in the area…

17. Local Dog

Image: Bored Panda

Amira is a street dog that was living quite close to Jaleel. As soon as Jaleel saw Amira, he knew that he couldn’t turn her away. However, he also knew that she couldn’t live in a house with hundreds of other cats! A solution had to be found…

16. Taking Care

Image: Bored Panda

So Jaleel would go out of his way to care for Amira and bring her things like water and food. Then one day he made an amazing discovery. It turned out that Amira was pregnant!

15. Pregnancy

Image: Bored Panda

Once Jaleel found out that Amira was pregnant he knew he couldn’t let her live out on the streets. So for the time being, Jaleel allowed Amira to sleep in his room until it was time for her to give birth. That way she would have somewhere safe and comfortable to be while pregnant. Unfortunately, things didn’t turn out as planned…

14. Tragic Situation

Image: Metro

However, when it was finally time for Amira to give birth, the situation was tragic. None of Amira’s puppy had been born alive. All of them were stillborn. She was devastated and Jaleel couldn’t stand seeing her like this. But soon, fate brought the tiniest surprise into their lives…

13. Sad Situation

Image: lovemeow.com

We were sad and shocked for her, and we gave her a stuffed teddy bear to cuddle because she was very sad,” Alessandra Abidin, Jaleel’s friend who runs the Facebook page for Il Gattaro d’Aleppo from her home in Italy, told The Dodo. However, something unexpected would soon happen to Amira that would make things better…

12. Similar Situation

Image: The Dodo

Junior the kitten was living on the streets of Aleppo until Jaleel discovered her. Poor Junior had lost her entire family and was completely orphaned. She too understood great sadness like Amira’s. When they met, everything changed!

11. Friendly Cat

Image: Bored Panda

Junior was a very friendly kitten and introduced herself to all of the cats in the sanctuary. One day, Amira and her stuffed teddy bear caught Junior’s eye. She decided to introduce herself…

10. Playful

Image: The Dodo

She noticed the teddy bear [that belonged to] the dog, and slowly she went near her to play,” Abidin said. So was Amira frustrated by the appearance of this tiny kitten? You won’t believe her reaction to the situation.

9. A-Okay

Image: The Dodo

Amira didn’t seem to mind Junior’s intrusion at all. In fact, Amira even let Junior climb all over her and find a comfy spot to lay on. The two of them shared a sweet interaction. Soon, their friendship evolved into something amazing! The following photos will make your heart melt…

8. Smiling

Image: The Dodo

We found them together,” Abidin said. “And the kitten was riding her [Amira], and she is completely fine. She even seemed to smile.” This was the start of a beautiful friendship between the two of them.

7. Beautiful Friendship

Image: The Dodo

The two of them have started an amazing friendship that has continued on. They do just about everything together! They share food, play together, and even take sweet cuddly naps together.

6. Less Sad

Image: The Dodo

As the days went by, Amira appeared to be less sad. She wouldn’t even hold onto her teddy bear like she did in the first few days after her birth. Instead, she found solace in Junior’s playful nature.

5. Taking Care

Image: Bored Panda

Amira has even been taking care of Junior like she would her own puppies. The connection between them is strong and they can’t seem to get enough of each other. However, eventually, Amira could no longer live in Jaleel’s home.

4. Still Visiting

Image: Bored Panda

Eventually, Jaleel had to release Amira back on the streets. However, she would still come back every day for her regular feedings and of course to check up on Junior. Not a day goes by where the two of them don’t play or at least hang out together.

3. Strong Bond

Image: Bored Panda

I think Amira needs to stay with Junior because her heart was sad after losing her puppies,” Alessandra said. They both needed each other for the same reasons and that is why their bond is so strong.

2. Noble Soul

Image: The Dodo

We called her Amira, [which means] princess, because for us, she is a princess for her noble soul,” Abidin said. Amira has shown what a noble soul she truly as ever since she stepped up to take care of an orphaned kitten that was also looking for love.

1. Sweet Pairing

Image: Bored Panda

Junior and Amira never have to worry about being alone now that they have each other! The two of them have continued their daily routine of cuddling, napping, and eating away!

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