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Pakistan: 15 Things You Didn’t Know (Part 2)

Pakistan: 15 Things You Didn't Know (Part 2)

If you’re a fan of middle east culture, then you’re probably already aware of how cool Pakistan is. If you’re not yet, then you just might be by the end of this article. Here are some more great facts about the nation many people don’t know.

Number Eight: Pakistan Has The Youngest Certified Microsoft Experts

It its at least one thing that everyone knows about the country, it is how awesome they are with computers (there’s a lot of engineers out there). If there’s at least one other thing people should know about it, is that the nation is the home of the youngest certified Microsoft experts. Their names are Arfa Karim and Babar Iqbal.

Number Seven: There’s More Readers Everyday

Pakistan has made major strides towards becoming quite progressive in their ways, continually finding ways to improve. In the last 9 years, the nation has increased their literacy rate by over 250 percent. That’s rather impressive!

Number Six: They Are Innovative With Chickpeas

Chickpeas, which are also known as garbanzo beans, are produced a lot in Pakistan. The country uses them to create a gelatin-free marshmallow whip that is often accompanied with vegetables. The only country that beats them in this area is India.

Number Five: It’s The Home of Old, Possibly Haunted Civilizations

Indus Valley and Monhejo-Daro are ancient civilizations which are found only in Pakistan. Rumors have it that people can still sense the energy of the original cities, which is creepy. In the day time, anyone can see just how beautiful these places might have been.

Number Four: It is the Land of the Pure

When people don’t understand the meaning of foreign words, their appreciation for them is often lost. This being said, the word Pakistan means land of the pure, which some people say is connected to the people’s strong belief system. Learning more words in this way should allow more people to thus appreciate the cultures which regard them.

Number Three: There’s Combat Jobs for Women

Besides Turkey, Pakistan is the only Muslim country to allow women to try to get combat jobs. Many other locations only allow women to do siege work, but not in Pakistan. In this way they are progressive.

Number Two: There’s Some Crazy Birthrates

It has been estimated that every seven seconds, a new baby is born in Pakistan. Depending on how fast you read, that means that at least 1-2 babies has been born! That is absolutely crazy!

Number One: It Has Khewra

Khewra, which is also known as the Khewra Salt Mine, is the largest salt mine in all of Pakistan. It’s a major tourist attraction and has hundreds of thousands of visitors every year.

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