Paleo Diet: 15 Health Hacks You Didn't Know (Part 1)

Paleo Diet: 15 Health Hacks You Didn’t Know (Part 1)

Paleo Diet: 15 Health Hacks You Didn't Know (Part 1)

The Paleo diet means eating more like the hunters and gatherers our ancestors were. This approach to food, which includes focusing on animal sources, nuts, fruits and veggies, has been gaining popularity in recent years. There is a lot of misinformation out there on the subject, so we’re here to tell you some lesser known facts about it.

Number Fifteen: It’s Not All About the Meat

A lot of people assume that this is just an excuse to gorge yourself on bacon, but meat proteins are not what this diet is about. On the contrary, it’s about finding the healthy balance between animal protein and other nutrition sources, such as carbs or fat.

Number Fourteen: The Paleo Diet Is Easier on Your Digestive System

Since it involves going easier on dairy and grain, people seem to show a favorable reaction to this in terms of digestion. This means less bloating and general stomach discomfort.

Number Thirteen: Helpful With Autoimmune Issues

People have discovered that the paleo diet has favorable effects on those who are used to eating very inflammatory foods. Inflammatory food items are very typical in the average America’s diet, so this is a healthier option.

Number Twelve: Improves Energy Levels

When you stop eating so much sugar and carbs (in their refined form), your metabolism improves, and your body’s natural sugar levels become more stable. This means you have access to a more consistent natural energy supply.

Number Eleven: Gluten Intolerant Friendly

More and more research continues to emerge on gluten allergies and the benefits of cutting out wheat products. The paleo diet is perfect for people who need to be careful about their gluten intake.

Number Ten: Quality Protein Sources Are Essential

It’s not about going out and finding the cheapest meat on the market. You need to get your protein from the cleanest and best quality sources available. This means leaner cuts which are often a bit pricier.

Number Nine: Fat Is Not Always Bad, and Paleo Focuses on the Good Ones

There are some forms of fat in common paleo foods, such as eggs. This is not harmful if balanced in an informed way. Thank you for reading part one of our article, check back soon for part two.

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