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Panda Falls Into Raging River, Nearby Boat Crew Saves His Life!

Panda Falls Into Raging River, Nearby Boat Crew Saves His Life!

There are many incredible stories about animals who found themselves in hilarious situations, but this is not one of them! Today we are going to show you a panda who fell into a raging river and how a group of people got together and helped him out after seeing that he isn’t able to come out the water.

20. Cute Panda Bear

If there’s one thing that everyone knows and loves about panda is how cute they are! There aren’t that many wild animals that get as much attention as pandas and that’s a fact!

19. Confident Swimmers

The interesting thing about pandas is that even though most people don’t know this, they are confident swimmers. In fact, they are so confident that they always jump into the water when the weather outside is hot.

18. Raging River

Even though pandas know their way around water, they stand no chance against a raging river. Unfortunately, a panda was looking to cool off during a hot summer’s day and he fell into the Zheng He River in China.

17. Security Footage

This terrifying image was captured by a security camera. The poor panda was being taken away by the raging river and he grabbed on the nearby boat. The next picture will send shivers down your spine!

16. He Is Struggling

The panda was struggling not fall into the water. Seeing this, the boat’s crew came out to help. Unfortunately, they moved too slow and the panda fell into the water.

15. The Panda Falls

Despite his best efforts, the panda fell into the water. On the bright side of things, this is not where the story ends because the panda somehow managed to climb on the boat once again.

14. Getting Up

The panda was in a fight for his life and with all his power he managed to climb on the boat. Keep reading to see what the boat crew did when they saw this.

13. A Helping Hand

The crew was left in shock after they saw how the panda climbed on their boat. However, they knew that they needed to give him a helping hand and to take him to land.

12. The Captain Is Here

Hearing that a panda bear is on his boat, the captain came out to see what’s happening. Seeing this, the captain decided to order his crew to pick up the panda and help him out.

11. Following Orders

The crew had a tough time saving the panda bear because the animal didn’t know what was going on and he was confused. Luckily, they managed to take the panda on land after a couple of hours of struggling to take him off the boat.

10. The Panda Is Safe

The panda was a little bit hesitant at first, but then he followed the crew off the boat. The panda was finally safe and he was released back into the wild.

9. Going Home

Even though the people who saved him had no way of knowing this, they hoped that the panda bear would be able to find his way back home. Do you think he managed to do that?

8. Life-Threatening Situation

The panda was in a life threatening situation and there’s no doubt about that. Good thing the boat was around and he had something to hold on to. Now, let’s check out some baby pandas which will bring a smile on everyone’s face!

7. Baby Pandas

Is there something cuter than a bunch of baby pandas? No, I don’t think that’s even possible! These upcoming pictures are so cute that they will make your day better.

6. Special Care

Even though they are bears, baby pandas need special care. The specialists who are taking care of them need to always wear gloves and protective gear so that the cubs don’t get microbes or viruses.

5. Celebration Time

In case you didn’t know, Chinese people celebrate the birth of baby pandas. In fact, entire towns celebrate whenever a panda gives birth and you won’t believe why!

4. Giant Panda Births

The reason why giant panda births are celebrated all throughout China is because a female panda breeds for only two or three days per year. This is why giant pandas are so rare and why animal rights activist groups are fighting for their rights.

3. Nearly Extinct

One of the most heartbreaking things about pandas is that they nearly went extinct a couple of years ago. People kept acquiring them because they are cute and this made it difficult for them to breed. Not just that, but there is an even more cruel reason why pandas nearly went extinct…

2. Cruel Hunters

Pandas were hunted by cruel people who wanted them as trophies and to use their furs for clothes. Fortunately, there are hundreds of animal rights groups which are preventing that from happening anymore.

1. Goofing Around

The bears we are seeing in these pictures are going to live a great life without having to worry about someone hunting them down. The only thing they have to do is to grow up and goof around together.

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