Pat Benatar: 15 Little Known Facts (Part 1)

Pat Benatar: 15 Little Known Facts (Part 1)

Pat Benatar: 15 Little Known Facts (Part 1)

Everyone has heard of this pop star, best known as an 80s artist, on the radio at least once. Pat Benatar is a classic rock icon with a huge number of fans, and will likely stay that way for quite some time. Here are some lesser known facts about the celebrity. Check back soon for part two.

Number Fifteen: Pat Benatar Worked as a Bank Teller

She married her high school boyfriend, Dennis Benatar in 1972. They moved to Virginia and worked at a bank while he was stationed in the army.

Number Fourteen: She Quit Banking to Pursue Music in 1973

Inspired by a Liza Minelli concert, Pat decided banking and the life of a housewife was not a good fit for her life. When the chance came, she joined a small cabaret band that played busy clubs in Richmond, Virginia.

Number Thirteen: She Had the First Music Video to Feature Dialogue

One of her most famous tunes, “Love is a Battlefield” was ground-breaking in more than one way. It was the first ever recorded music video that had spoken words integrated into it.

Number Twelve: A Fast Times at Ridgemont High Character was Based on Her

The character “Pat Bernardo” was inspired by the singer. In the film, the characters Stacy and Linda have a discussion and mention the “Pat Benatar look”.

Number Eleven: She Was Discovered at an Amateur Night

She was signed by Terry Ellis with Chrysalis Records in 1977. This happened at a comedy club in New York City.

Number Ten: Her Daughter Was a Golden Globe Presenter

One of her two daughters, Haley Giraldo, presented one of the famed awards of the Golden Globes. This occurred at the 59th Annual television ceremony in 2002.

Number Nine: Pat’s Mother Was an Opera Singer

Her mom Millie was a trained opera vocalist. She instilled some of her passion for music in Pat, who later went on to study music at Julliard in New York City, and eventually gained much fame in the field. We hope you enjoyed part one of this list and be sure to return for the second part.

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