Patrick Wilson of Weezer Catches Frisbee Mid-Song

Patrick Wilson of Weezer Catches Frisbee Mid-Song

Weezer FrisbeePhoto Courtesy of Salon

Those in attendance at Friday’s Weezer Concert in St. Augustine, Florida got an extra treat that night. In the middle of the band performing their hit “Beverly Hills” someone threw a Frisbee right at drummer Patrick Wilson. Rather than duck, the 45 year old drummer skillfully snatched the Frisbee out of the air with one hand while keeping the drum beat unaffected for the song. Appropriately, the crowd went absolutely wild for such a skillful display.

That moment can be seen in all of its glory in a 16 second Youtube video right here.

Possibly the best part of the video is the confused reaction from lead singer Rivers Cuomo in the foreground. Wilson’s lack of any musical misstep leaves Cuomo completely bewildered as to why people are cheering. After learning of the event Cuomo tweeted a photo to the incident with the caption “One more reason @patrick wilson is my favorite drummer in the world :),”.

Weezer has been a popular band ever since their 1994 debut album Weezer (later labeled The Blue Album) which contained enduring singles “Undone- The Sweater Song”, “Buddy Holly”, and “Say it Ain’t So”. Throughout the past two decades they have released a total of eight albums with current preparations being made for a ninth. In 2010 Weezer released Death to False Metal, a collection of unreleased songs throughout their career. Although a full album, no singles have been marketed off of False Metal.

In addition to Weezer Wilson also plays for The Special Goodness, an alt-rock band formed by Wilson in 1996. Despite being a member since Weezer’s inception in 1992 Wilson has been able to contribute regularly to both groups, producing a total of twelve album between the two bands. It should come as no surprise that Wilson is able to do all of this. After all, the above video clearly demonstrates his talent at multi tasking.

Weezer continues their tour until the Riot Fest in Denver on September 19th. Hopefully no one will try to further test Wilson’s skill by throwing a football or beach ball at the drummer. If so, maybe Weezer should invest in a net.

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