Paul Weller Debuts New Album at Great Escape

Paul Weller Debuts New Album at Great Escape

Paul Weller debuted a few new tracks from his upcoming album Saturns Pattern at The Great Escape festival. The project comes out onMay 18th, and Weller treated the audience by playing “White Sky,” “Long Time,” “Saturns Pattern,” “Going My Way,” “I’m Where I Should Be,” and “These City Streets,” all of which will be on the new album. Saturns Pattern is a 9-track project, and the 12-track deluxe version will feature the remix version of “White Sky” with Prof. Kybert vs. The Moons.

As a solo musician, Weller has dropped eleven studio albums including Paul Weller, Wild Wood, Stanley Road, Heavy Soul, Heliocentric, Illumination, Studio 150, As Is Now, 22 Dreams, Wake Up the Nation, and Sonik Kicks. His latest album entitled Sonik Kicks was released three years ago. It peaked at Number 1 on the UK Albums chart, becoming the rockers fourth project to top the UK charts. Sonik Kicks also respectively peaked at Number 166 on the Billboard 200, and it reached Number 3 on the Scottish Albums chart. Three singles were produced from the album including “Starlite,” “That Dangerous Age,” and “Birthday.”

Weller was also a member of The Jam from the late 1970s to 1982. During their career, the band dropped six studio albums, which includeIn the City, This Is the Modern World, All Mod Cons, Setting Sons, Sound Affects, and The Gift. The Jam’s This Is the Modern World was their first project to impact the Billboard 200. The album featured the singles “The Modern World,” In the Midnight Hour,” and “The Effin Rifles.” The Gift topped the UK Albums chart, and it reached Number 82 on the charts in the US. The 11-track project produced three singles, which include “Precious,” “Just Who Is the 5 O’Clock Hero?,” and “Town Called Malice.”

This summer, Weller will perform in New York (NY) on the 12th. His remaining show dates in June include stops in Boston (MA) on the 13th, Clifton (NY) on the 14th, Toronto (ON) on the 15th, Indianapolis (IN) on the 18th, Millvale (PA) on the 19th, and Brooklyn (NY) on the 20th.

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