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People Can’t Believe These Girls are Twins. Wait until You See Them Now.

People Can’t Believe These Girls are Twins. Wait until You See Them Now.
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When expecting a new baby, you never know what will happen. Things can change in the blink of an eye, even for the most seasoned parents. This next couple thought they could expect a relatively unremarkable birth until they went in for their ultrasound, but that was just the beginning. The parents got something they never expected!

19. A Growing Family

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The Aylmers, Donna and Vince, of Gloucester, England, were expecting to grow their family. The couple were excited to welcome a new baby to their home and they went to the doctor for a routine checkup and ultrasound. The couple had the same jitters every new parent feels and they wanted to know that the baby was healthy. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary and they wanted a new sibling to join children George, Chynna, and Jordan.

18. Baby #1 and Baby #2

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The Aylmers waited to see their baby on the ultrasound, but were surprised to learn that Donna was carrying not one, but two babies. There was another other bit of news that would shock them about their pregnancy.

17. The Arrival

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After preparing to welcome their new twins to their home and family, the couple was understandably excited. On January 16, 1997, Donna gave birth to the healthy twins, Maria and Lucy. Everything went according to plan with the birth and there wasn’t a problem but then the midwife showed her the twins.

16. Maria and Lucy

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Maria and Lucy had two different complexions. Lucy was a fair blue-eyed ginger while her sister had a dark complexion, brown eyes and brown hair. The girls were twins…how could this happen?

15. Questions

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Donna dressed her twins in matching outfits as most parents of multiples do. Strangers would often give her a look of confusion, however, due to the girls’ different appearance. Looking at the girls, people probably assumed they were adopted, but that wasn’t the case.

14. Finding Their Individuality

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The twins decided that they wanted to dress independently when they were seven. They knew they looked nothing alike, so they felt like they shouldn’t dress alike. It was time for them to assert their independence.

13. A Different Experience Than Most Twins

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The girls weren’t like other twins and couldn’t play tricks on their teacher by swapping classes or desks. They were twin sisters but outwardly, they looked nothing alike, and no one made the mistake of knowing which sister was which. The twins were also different in their personalities, likes, and manners.

12. Making an Impression

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The media got wind of these unusual children and when the girls turned 18, they spoke to news outlets about their experience as twins. Lucy, speaking to the show Inside Edition, said that they were completely opposite: where she was shy, Maria was outgoing. Lucy was able to ease out of her shyness as she got older, the girls added.

11. Shy vs Outgoing

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Maria had no problem talking to strangers but Lucy hung back a bit more when they were younger.  Having such dramatically different personalities could cause a rift in the sisters’ relationship, but they weathered it and grew closer when they were older.

10. Childhood Differences

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The girls weren’t fans of their appearance growing up, just like many young girls. Lucy didn’t like her pale white skin which she said “made her look like a ghost”  and she was teased for it. Maria wasn’t a fan of her hair. However, despite this, the sisters had each other.

9. How?

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The Aylmers were the parents of biracial twins and were unaware until the girls were brn. This occurrence is rare and happens in only one in 500 cases. The girls’ dramatic differences had gone undetected because ultrasounds don’t show skin tone — the couple had to wait until the girls were born to see it for themselves.

8. The Alymers’ Other Children

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The twins’ siblings have dark skin but aren’t as dark as Maria, however, they weren’t as fair as Lucy. This phenomenon seemingly came out of nowhere but they soon had their answer.

7. Genetics

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Vince is Caucasian and his wife is biracial of Caucasian and Jamaican descent. The older three children had a skin tone that reflected their biracial heritage, however, Lucy and Maria were different. How? Science had the answer.

6. The Science of Their Looks

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As twins, Lucy and Maria are non-identical which means they were formed as separate eggs. When forming separately, they didn’t inherit the same genes, so genetics played a part in the distribution of the genes. Now, see what they look like all grown up!

5. Two Different People

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Here’s what Lucy and Maria look like today. The girls found their distinct personalities and outfits to create a style all their own. Lucy goes a darker punk style which Maria is more of a bohemian chic dresser.

4. Where Are They Now?

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While the differences between their looks may have given them trouble in their childhood, Lucy and Maria are stronger than ever. They told Inside Edition that they’re best friends and have a strong bond. Both girls have embraced their striking different looks. Want an update? Read on!

3. College Girls

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The twins are currently in college, but they opted for different majors. Lucy is a Gloucester art and design student while Maria is a law student at Cheltenham. All of the media attention caused the girls’ friends at college to react. Some friends were fascinated while others didn’t believe it, the girls told Inside Edition. By then, though, the twins had met their share of skeptics and didn’t care.

2. Met with Disbelief

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Still, there are others who refuse to believe them. People have even asked for the twins’ birth certificates to see if they’re telling the truth. Biracial twins are rare and these reactions are not surprising. But the twins share a few things in common with other multiples.

1. Twin Bonds

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Some people believe that twins share a psychic connection with each other, however, Lucy and Maria say they don’t think they do. They did, however, remark that they will experience pain in the same spots of the body. In the end, no matter what, they also share this incredible story of being biracial twins.

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