Neighbors Call 911 After Seeing A Pit Bull, But When This Officer Arrives At The Scene... | PPcorn

Neighbors Call 911 After Seeing A Pit Bull, But When This Officer Arrives At The Scene…

Neighbors Call 911 After Seeing A Pit Bull, But When This Officer Arrives At The Scene…

Pit bulls seem to have a really bad reputation, due to the way they look. It seems that many people are afraid of them and think that they are really aggressive and that they could cause them harm. However, dogs can be aggressive no matter their breed.

20. Bad Reputation

Do you want to learn how the pit bull in our story changed the life of a police officer?

19. 911 Call

As our story begins, one day, 911 received a call from some residents of Texarkana in Texas. They had spotted a stray pit bull in their neighborhood, that was walking down the street alone. Because they were afraid that it would be harmful to the residents, they decided that they had to inform the authorities.

18. Help Came

911 didn’t waste time and they immediately sent help and informed animal control services, too. When officer Travis Frost of the local police arrived at the neighborhood, he didn’t spend much time to spot the stray pit bull. He spotted him pretty soon.

17. On Duty

Officer Travis found the stray pit bull lying down in front of a resident’s house. The size of the pit bull was pretty intimidating, but officer Travis didn’t hesitate and with bravery, he went out of his car in order to approach the huge pit bull. What happened next will blow your mind!

16. Safety First

Although the officer decided to step out of his car in order to approach the dog, he left the door of his car open in case he had to run back at it if the pit bull was aggressive. After exiting his car, he started whistling in order to get the pit bull’s attention. The dog responded immediately by lifting his ears and looking at him.

15. A Sudden Turn

When the pit bull saw officer Frost, it started running towards him. However, the powerful dog, despite its size, only wanted to make friends and have some fun with the officer. It was wagging its tail happily and it was looking very friendly as he approached the officer. He just wanted to be cuddled.

14. Making Friends

Officer Travis didn’t seem to be scared when the huge pit bull started running towards him, because he understood that the dog was really friendly. When the dog approached him, he started petting him and ended up spending some time with him. After that, the dog felt so comfortable with the officer that he immediately jumped into the officer’s car by the open door.

13. Feeling Safe

Many people call 911 in order to inform them about stray dogs that are walking down their neighborhood especially when it comes to pit bulls, but our case is pretty different. “The unique thing about this one was the dog was so darn friendly,” said Officer Frost.

12. Hanging Out

The pit bull seemed really happy to be able to spend time in the car with his new best friend. That was also the case for officer Frost. Both of them seem really happy to hang out together. So as the officer was waiting for the animal control services to come, he decided to start taking photos with his new friend.

11. Taking Selfies Together

So they started taking selfies together in order to remember that precious moment. They were both very happy with their encounter and the dog was so friendly that it started giving kisses to the officer Frost, showing him how much it liked his company.

10. Animal Control Services

When the officers of the animal control services arrived, they were pretty happy to find out how friendly the dog was and that it wasn’t a threat. When the pit bull saw the animal control officers, it was excited that it would be able to make some new friends. Later they found out that the name of the friendly pit bull was Gold.

9. Finding Gold’s Identity

Gold was wearing a microchip that helped officers found out his name. The officers also found out that there wasn’t the address of the owner inside the microchip. So because of that, the poor dog would have to spend the night in a cage.

8. Tracking The Owners

The Animal Control Service searched for hours and fortunately found Gold’s owner, thus Gold had to spend much less time than expected in “doggy jail”.

7. Story Went Viral

But no one knew nor expected what officer Frost was cooking… Frost was documenting the whole event through his social media accounts and the “story behind the bars” of Gold became viral in a heartbeat.

6. People Loved The story

Officer Frost and the owner of Gold were amazed with the reaction of the public. Soon Frost found out that people liked his posts 100,000 times and shared them more than 60.000 times!

5. Mixed Opinions

Most people loved the story and found themselves comforted by the happy ending but the story unleashed its controversial side quickly. Some people commented that they were really annoyed by the story… but why?

4. Accused Gold

Some people said that Gold wasn’t a pit-bull and his behavior was expected. That turned out to be true because actually, Gold wasn’t a pit-bull but an American Bulldog

3. Jumping To Conclusions

Because of the square, block-shaped face people rush to make assumptions and falsely label dogs as Pit-bulls. That was indeed the case for Gold.

2. Serious Issue

Because of that, it is reported that over 1,2 million dogs are euthanized because people are  false labeling them as pit-bulls when they are a pit-bull mixes or even look like one.

1. Things Are Getting Better

Thankfully things are getting better and every negative story about a pit-bull becomes a step closer to people thinking twice before doing anything bad to a dog.

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