Pixelord - Keramika (Official Music Video)

Pixelord – Keramika

Russian electronic artist Pixelord’s music video for “Keramika” is just as experimental as his music. Set entirely in black and white, this paradoxically simple, yet quite complex and intricate video is a mesmerizing audio visualizer that is both haunting and awe inspiring. The coupled visual and auditory experience will leave viewers feeling as though they’ve been transported to a dream world based in geometry and open space. Director Alex Sky uses 3D space to create both ornate and minimal shapes that pulsate along to Pixelord’s insanely unique musical abstractions. Playing with perspective, he often uses a blurred effect that will make you rub your eyes and second guess your vision. As the video progresses and the song becomes heavier and bassier, Sky incorporates elements of reality into this space by superimposing his sharp-edged 3D animations onto static, 2D photos. Escape reality with Pixelord — if only for a few minutes — and click play!

Pixelord – Keramika EP (Vinyl and Digital)
Released by HIT AND HOPE: hitandhoperecords.co.uk/hnh005-pixelord-keramika
Video directed by Alex Sky: facebook.com/al3xsky

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