Pokémon Uranium: A Fan-Made Pokémon Game Which You Can’t Afford to Miss

Pokémon Uranium: A Fan-Made Pokémon Game Which You Can’t Afford to Miss

The Pokémon Go which was released in July this year had shattered all the records in the gaming industry. However, one app which was overshadowed by the success of this game was Pokémon Uranium.

The fan-made Pokémon game, Pokémon Uranium was launched by its creators earlier this year on 6th August exactly after 1 month of the launch of official Pokémon game. After being released, Pokémon Uranium got more than a half million downloads within its first month.

The game was in development mode for more than 9 years, this game became a hit among gamers after its launch. Sadly, the makers of Pokémon Uranium were legally stomped on by Nintendo, and had to take down the game from the Internet after a month of getting several DMCA notices citing the infringement of copyright.

Nintendo has been very possessive about it intellectual property. This is not the first time Nintendo has quashed fan-made games. Nintendo, this year, asked the AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) also to take down the game.

As per Apps Prison, this game and AM2R (Another Metroid 2 Remake) have had their nomination “Best Fan Creation” rescinded by The Game Awards.

Pokémon Uranium was available for Windows and Mac.

About Pokémon Uranium

  • The Pokémon Uranium was made by JV and Involuntary Twitch.
  • This game had over 192 animated, fan-designed unofficial Pokémons.
  • Pokémon Uranium was set in a completely new region, named Tandor.
  • This free computer game had a new Pokémon type called Nuclear which you wouldn’t get in the official Pokémon games.
  • This app also had many surprising elements like breeding of Pokémon which is a distinctive concept, mystery gifts, Pokémon gyms, new map and path along with custom sound music, wonder trade & virtual t trainer, Nuzlocke Mode and so on.

Game Plot

Pokémon Uranium is a 30+ game play packed with full entertainment. The young hero in the game that is “you” will navigate through the Tandor region. You face over 190 species of Pokémon to catch.

To become the Pokémon champion, the player needs to collect all 8 Pokémon gym badges and win the Pokémon league. The player also gets a Pokémon from Professor B’ambo. This game has lots of other features as well. Though the game has been taken down by its maker, it is still available on some sites.

If you are fan of Pokémon games then you can’t miss this one.

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