Polygamous Pastor Marries Pregnant Teen Girlfriend

Polygamous Pastor Marries Pregnant Teen Girlfriend

You can’t make this stuff up. According to the Independent, 60-year-old Thom Miller, who is a married pastor, got the consent of his current wife to marry his pregnant girlfriend. His girlfriend, 19-year-old Reba Kerfootruba, is pregnant with Miller’s child.

Miller met his first wife, Belinda, eight years ago, and she is now 44 years old. She has seven children from a previous marriage. Miller and his wife currently live in Ohio, where they are from. Interestingly, it was Belinda who suggested bringing another woman into their marriage. Her suggestion spurred a discussion about polygamy, and that’s when Reba entered the picture.

According to Miller, Reba was a family friend, and he knew her when she was even younger. Later on, Miller and his wife saw her at a church volunteering event, and they shared a hug that began a conversation. Miller said, “When she hugged me, it wasn’t a normal hug and I wanted to keep hugging her and I realized, wow, I’m really appreciating this woman.” Belinda also wanted a bigger family and sees Reba as more of a sister than her husband’s other lover.

Miller and Reba got married exactly seven years after he married Belinda in the same church where he is a pastor. However, the new marriage is not recognized by the state since Miller is technically already married. Miller is quite distraught that the state won’t recognize his marriage, saying “I have no problem with homosexuals but I think it’s wrong that their marriage is now recognized by the state but my second marriage is not.” While polygamy is becoming more and more popular among open-minded couples, it will probably be some time before states begin to recognize a person’s right to multiple marriages.

And for all those wondering how the bedroom works, we’ve got the answers. Miller shares the bed with just one wife at a time, and the ladies “take turns.” As far as Reba’s family goes, they were initially against her marrying Miller and becoming part of his life. However, once her family realized how happy they all were together, they came around. Reba is excited for her coming child to have two mothers and one father.

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