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Post Office Employee Is Met With The Most Unusual Delivery

Post Office Employee Is Met With The Most Unusual Delivery

Post office employees have to deal with receiving and delivering packages on a daily basis. However, one woman was completely blown away when she was given an unexpected delivery. You won’t believe what someone decided to leave behind.

20. Post Office

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Patricia Polites is a post office employee that works in Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania. She had just come into work on Monday morning and everything was going as usual. Then something strange happened…

19. Odd Banging

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Patricia was already an hour and a half into her shift when something startled her. There was a sudden and loud banging on the main door. Patricia went to go check out who could be banging that early in the morning.

18. The Lobby

Image: East Bay Times

Patricia headed out into the lobby, expecting to find a frustrated customer. She shifted her eyes around the room and saw that no one was there. That’s when she spotted the unusual delivery in the corner of the room.

17. Special Delivery

Image: Pets4Homes

There in the corner of the lobby was a very small animal. Patricia walked over to get a closer look and saw that it was a tiny black Chihuahua. The Chihuahua looked absolutely terrified.

16. Scared


The Chihuahua was just standing in the corner of the room, shivering the whole time. Patricia kneeled down to see if the dog had on a collar or even a dog tag, but he didn’t. He had just been abandoned… What she did next is amazing!

15. Sweetest Thing

Image: I Love My Chi

He was so scared, but the sweetest little thing,” Polites told The Dodo. “I went to reach for him and he didn’t jump or anything. So I picked him up, and he just put his head on my shoulder and cried. It was the saddest thing.” The next photo is heartbreaking…

14. Back Office


Patricia went into the back office to gather up some supplies for the poor, sad pup. She placed him inside of a laundry basket and gave him some food and water. Then she decided to start looking for the dog’s owner

13. All Bones

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He looks like a fruit bat. He’s got these big bug eyes,” Polites said. “He was all bones.” So Patricia got to work on finding the dog’s owner. It would be no easy task, but wait until you see what she does next…

12. The Search

Image: The Dodo

Patricia posted about the dog online and quickly everyone was sharing the post. Soon word got out to rescuers from Hound Hunters of NEPA. This organization works hard to help reconnect missing animals with their owners. You won’t believe how people reacted after seeing the puppy!

11. Waiting Game

Image: The Dodo

We’ve had people coming in all morning, asking if they could have the dog, because they saw him online,” Polites added. “We had people that morning, while we were waiting for Hound Hunters to come, walking in and asking, ‘Can we take the dog?’ and I was like, ‘No, you can’t.’” Polites was determined to find his owner!

10. Hound Hunters

Image: Pets4Homes

Finally, Christine Cahill of Hound Hunters, arrived at the post office. She quickly scooped up the tiny Chihuahua and brought him home with her so that he would have a place to stay in the meantime. There, her daughter gave him the name Batman.

9. Happy Pup

Image: The Dodo

8. Vet Visit


Cahill brought the dog to the vet where it was confirmed that he was a 2-year-old, 3-pound Chihuahua. He was also suffering from alopecia, which was causing him to lose fur and have very dry skin. It was pretty upsetting news but luckily it could all be fixed. What happened next is amazing!

7. Lucky

Image: Daily Mail

6. Inquiries

Image: The Dodo

Suddenly, over the course of the week, Cahill began to get hundreds of calls asking about Batman. Everyone wanted to know if he was available for adoption. However, the tiny Chihuahua had already found another home.

5. New Home

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4. Stray Hold

Image: Youtube

Finally, Batman’s five-day stray hold had passed and no one had come forward as his owner. That’s when he was officially adopted into Cahill’s family.

3. Snuggly

Image: The Dodo

He loves to be held and snuggles right up as soon as you pick him up,” Cahill added. “He sleeps right on my daughter’s neck/shoulder every night.”

2. Surprised


1. Happy Home

Image: I Love My Chi

Now the once abandoned Chihuahua has a happy home where he is loved. He no longer has to worry about being left behind ever again.

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