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Pregnant Cat Gets Help Raising Her Kittens From Sweet Dog

Pregnant Cat Gets Help Raising Her Kittens From Sweet Dog

For many of us, there is a common held belief that cats and dogs are mortal enemies. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth for one pregnant tabby and a sweet pup. You won’t believe the amazing friendship that these two share.

20. Two Sisters


Matilda the cat and her sister were both brought into the Cleveland Animal Protective League, a local animal shelter in Cleveland, Ohio. So why were these two cats being brought by their owner? Well, the answer will stun you!

19. Pregnant Cats

Image: Cleveland Scene

Matilda and her sister were both brought to the animal shelter because they were pregnant. “She was surrendered after her family let their two female cats outside and they both came back pregnant,” Kelly Hartman, Matilda’s foster mom explained.

18. Too Stressful

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The family couldn’t take the stress of having two pregnant cats in their home. After all, think about just how many kittens that would produce! So they sadly had to give them up…

17. Volunteering

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Kelly offered herself up to foster Matilda and her kittens at her home. However, Matilda’s sister was brought to another foster home. At first, it took a while for Matilda to open up in her new foster home.

16. Shy


Matilda was incredibly shy in the beginning and would consistently hide under Kelly’s desk. She still wanted to be held and pet but only in her safe spot. However, as time passed, she began to get more and more comfortable in her new home.

15. Next Week


The following week, Kelly and her mother, a labor and delivery nurse, had walked into the room where Matilda would usually hang around. They were completely shocked by what they saw! Matilda had finally given birth.

14. New Babies


Matilda was no longer the only cat in the house as she had given birth to five kittens. She had four boys and one girl. Kelly named them Mr. Honey, Michael, Bruce, Magnus, and Lavender.

13. Eager Puppy


While Kelly was super excited about Matilda’s new miracle, it was Kelly’s dog, Suzie, that was really eager to meet the new kittens. Suzie stood outside the door of the room and couldn’t wait to be introduced to the new babies. She happens to have a soft spot for kittens!

12. Helping Out


This wasn’t the first time that Suzie had been introduced to newborn kittens. Suzie has helped out Kelly with numerous litters of kittens before. So Suzie already knew the drill with this new litter.

11. Sweet Reaction

Image: Instagram/@suzie_and_kushi

Her reaction is always the same when she hears a crying kitten. She was very curious and desperately wanted to see them,” Kelly told Love Meow. “I brought a few out to her to show her so she would understand what was going on.”

10. First Weeks

Image: Instagram/@suzie_and_kushi

Matilda spent the first few weeks nursing her kittens in the comfort of the room. She was having the quality time she needed with her babies. In the meantime, Suzie would patiently wait outside for the moment she would be introduced to the new babies.

9. Sneaking A Peek

Image: Instagram/@suzie_and_kushi

The babies continued to stay with their mama. Now and then, Kelly would take the babies out of the room to weight them or help clean them. During those times, Suzie would make sure to get a sneak peek of the cuties!

8. First Meeting


Finally, it was time for Suzie and Matilda to be introduced to each other. To Kelly’s surprise, Matilda walked right up to Suzie and brushed her tail across her face. Suzie kept still so that she wouldn’t startle Matilda.

7. Some Help


To my surprise, she walked right up to Suzie and said hello. She was cautious but not at all afraid,” Kelly told Love Meow. Once the kittens were around four weeks old, Matilda realized that she needed some help. So Suzie happily volunteered.

6. Watchful Eye


Matilda is reaching the age where she, now and then, needs a break from the babies, so I like to think that she appreciates that Suzie is keeping an eye on them and keeping them out of trouble while she rests,” Kelly told Love Meow.

5. Loving It


Raising five fur babies can be a lot of hard work and sometimes it can really tire out Matilda. However, Suzie absolutely loves spending time with the kittens. She has no problem babysitting them for the mother cat.

4. Happy


After taking care of five kittens all day, I almost feel like she is happy to see Suzie,” Kelly told Love Meow. Matilda sees Suzie as her saving grace that allows her to have her moment of peace in the midst of baby chaos! It’s the perfect combination.

3. Keeping Busy


And Suzie just likes having other animals around. It keeps things interesting and keeps her busy.” The kittens are now six weeks old and are only getting bigger. They are now going to be spayed and neutered so that they can be adopted into their forever homes.

2. Trusting

Image: Instagram/@suzie_and_kushi

I love that Matilda trusts Suzie enough to hang out and help her keep an eye on the babies.” Kelly has even begun posting photos of the lovely interactions on an Instagram account @suzie_and_kushi. Everyone loves seeing Suzie interact with kitties!

1. Happy Home

Image: Instagram/@suzie_and_kushi

Kelly’s home is filled with love and happiness as all of her animals get along. Matilda and Suzie have proven that you don’t have to be the same species to help out and enjoy a great friendship.

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