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Princesses Surprise Disney-Obsessed Little Girl On Her Adoption Day

Princesses Surprise Disney-Obsessed Little Girl On Her Adoption Day

Courtrooms aren’t the most fun places to be at, especially during a hearing. Adoption finalization hearings are typically a straight-forward matter. However, one courtroom decided that they would liven things up for one sweet girl that is absolutely obsessed with Disney princesses. Check out the surprise of a lifetime that one adorable five-year-old got on her adoption day!

20. Adopted

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On June 8, 2016, an adorable five-year-old girl by the name of Danielle Koning was brought inside of a courtroom. Why was she there? Well, she was waiting to be adopted by her forever family!

19. Princess Obsessed

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Danielle was Disney princess obsessed and so she wore her favorite princess dress to the court hearing. She walked in with her mom and dad and sat down with them at the desk. Little did she know that she was going to be in for a real treat.

18. Typical Start

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Everything started off typical with Danielle’s caseworker talking about how happy the little girl was in her new family. Then suddenly she couldn’t believe her eyes when all of her favorite princesses walked into the courtroom. The little girl was shocked…

17. Princesses

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It was a princess parade that made their way into the room. Seven Disney princesses and one prince all walked in and sat down as honored guests at the event. So who showed up for little Danielle?!

16. The Guests

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The guests included Rapunzel, Sleeping Beauty, Belle, Cinderella and Prince Charming, Snow White, Ariel, and Elsa. Danielle couldn’t hold back her excitement and began to softly wave over at the princesses. Everyone was so thrilled at her reaction.

15. Shocked

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She was shocked when the princesses first came in. She sure was,” Danielle’s new mom, Sarah Koning, told ABC News. “The look on her face was priceless.” So who arranged such an amazing event?

14. Arrangement

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The event was arranged by Danielle’s parents and her caseworker. Danielle had been fostering with the Konings since March 2014 and everyone wanted to make her adoption day special and memorable. So what better way than with Disney princesses?

13. Special Situation

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It was a special situation that really snowballed out of a request form Danielle’s caseworker, who knew Danielle loved Cinderella so much,” Laura Mitchell, executive director for Samaritas Foster Care Program and Child and Family services, explained.

12. Important Day

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I think it’s really important to make that adoption day special for every kid in whatever capacity you can,” Sarah Koning told ABC News. “It really helps them to feel the permanency and know that they’re not going anywhere now. It’s really important for kids to feel that security.”

11. Cinderella Lookalike

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One of other caseworkers kind of looks like Cinderella, so she said, ‘Would you mind going to the hearing and dressing as Cinderella?’,” Laura Mitchell explained. All of the staff got word of the fantastic idea and more people wanted to volunteer!

10. The Judge

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Even Judge Patricia Gardner joined in on the fun. At the beginning of the hearing, Judge Gardner was dressed in her usual courtroom attire. Then she completely surprised Danielle….

9. Snow White

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The Judge began asking Danielle about her princess dress. Then, out of nowhere, the Judge revealed a Snow White costume under her robe. She even had the red bow to match!

8. Recognized

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Danielle sat in her chair giggling to herself. “You know who I am?” Judge Gardner asked Danielle. “Snow White!” she replied with enthusiasm.

7. Meaningful Day

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It’s obviously a very meaningful day, a joyous occasion,” Mitchell added. “The hearing is definitely a celebration that the kids now have forever families. And it shows the love and compassion that our case workers have.”

6. Making It Official

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The judge the invited Danielle over to her bench to make the adoption official. She gave her a magic wand, which was actually the gavel, and showed her how to make it official. Danielle quickly banged down with the gavel and the judge called out, “It is so ordered!”

5. Surreal

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Danielle’s parents still can’t believe that this moment has finally come. They described the entire event as “still a little surreal.” After all, they had been waiting for this moment for a while.

4. Real Family

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We’ve been waiting so long for it and it feels really good to be able to settle and be a real family,” said Koning. “We have been a real family, but to not have that looming over our head anymore is a pretty amazing feeling.”

3. Fun Time

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After the ruling was official, Danielle then had the best time mingling with all of the princesses. She quickly ran over and hugged them, admiring their hair and costumes. To say Danielle was elated would be an understatement.

2. Happy Ending

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Danielle certainly got the happy ending that she deserves. Now she gets to go back home to her forever family. However, this day will stay with her for the rest of her life for sure.

1. Wonderful Volunteers

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It is obvious that the caseworkers that offered to volunteer are very passionate about their jobs. It is great to know that the kids that are under their care are being so well taken care of.

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