Prostate Cancer: 8 Famous Men Who Conquered It

Prostate Cancer: 8 Famous Men Who Conquered It

Prostate Cancer: 8 Famous Men Who Conquered It

Prostate cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths for men in America, after skin cancer. Nearly 3 million men are survivors of the deadly ailment, and among those are some familiar names. Here are some famous men who conquered prostate cancer.

Number Eight: Ian McKellen and Prostate Cancer

The British actor famous for playing in Lord of the Rings and X-Men revealed back in 2012 that he had been discovered to have prostate cancer in ’05 or ’06. He reported that it was contained and not spreading to the rest of his body, thankfully.

Number Seven: Robert De Niro

Famous for always playing the tough guy in Hollywood films, it appears De Niro is just as tough in real life! Thanks for regular check-ups and visits to his doctor, he detected the cancer early on and had an effective treatment experience.

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Number Six: Colin Powell

You may know this man as the former Secretary of State. Many people don’t realize that he went through surgery to remove a cancerous prostate gland in the early 2000s. He now spreads the word about the disease, hoping to help others.

Number Five: Roger Moore

In 1993, this very famous face and name discovered he had cancer of the prostate. Luckily, the celebrity made a full recovery.

Number Four: John Kerry

When he was 59, he discovered the same type of cancer that had killed his father at age 85. He says his wife helps him stay on track with health, encouraging him to eat right and exercise.

Number Three: Ryan O’Neal

Some people can never catch a break! O’Neal appears to be one of these people, since the discovery of prostate cancer was his second run-in with the dreaded C-word.

Number Two: Joe Torre

The former manager of the Yankees understands all too well the stresses that come with this disease. For that reason, he’s become an outspoken advocate for men battling this problem.

Number One: Arnold Palmer

As if we needed more reasons to be impressed by this man. He was diagnosed in 1997 and successfully beat the awful disease! We hope you found our article inspiring. Thanks for taking the time to read our list.

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