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Proud Mama Ferret Drags Owner’s Hand Toward Her Newborns, Then Something Amazing Happens

Proud Mama Ferret Drags Owner’s Hand Toward Her Newborns, Then Something Amazing Happens

When it comes to protecting their babies, animals can display different behaviors. Sometimes we see them as being strange, but it’s their instinct… But what really amazed us was a video showing a mother ferret doing something odd, cute and funny.

Footage shows her trying to make her owner visit her babies. This story also attracted different opinions and reactions from people all over the world. Here’s what happened…

20. Surprise!

Usually, people that own ferrets should have a pair because they’re highly social. But his one ferret wanted to show her human the biggest surprise ever! And we’re all melting over here!

19. Come to Visit Us!

As soon as she was ready to show off, the mother ferret left her litter filled with babies and went to look for her human dad. YouTuber Brett Forster filmed the whole thing…

18. Here You Are!

The baby ferrets were tucked under a blanket inside a cardboard box. But the mother ferret wanted to take her owner for a visit. She insisted on showing him her babies as if she were saying ‘I made something… Come to see!’

17. I’ll Lead the Way

Forster’s hand is on the table, so the mother ferret comes close. She carefully bites a finger and starts dragging her dad’s hand on the table. And that’s not everything!

16. Check This Out

As she struggles to carry the big hand, it becomes apparent that she guides the man’s hand towards the box where she had her babies. She is very determined to show off her offspring…

15. A Proud Mamma

The proud mamma has finally made her human understand her intentions! The man places his hand inside the box and pets her and a baby. But wait and see what happens next #13!

14. Tiny Kits

Ferret babies are called kits. After the man placed his hand in the box, he started holding one of the babies. Meanwhile, all of them squeal in the background. But the mother doesn’t seem pleased.

13. Don’t Hold My Baby!

As the man picks up a small offspring to take a closer look, the mother doesn’t seem to like it. She immediately pulls the baby away: ‘Did you even ask to hold him?’ This mom is quite feisty!

12. Ok, Backing Off…

Then, Forster removes his hand. But to his amazement, the mother jumps outside the box and starts to drag the man’s hand back inside the litter. She again bites his finger and starts pulling him back!

11. Then, She Does it Again!

The footage shows the mommy ferret back inside the box with Forster’s hand by her side. He wants to pull his hand, and for the third time, the ferret starts pulling at it to put it back in her litter. The internet is going crazy over the video…

10. People Are In Awe of the Mom Ferret

Everyone on the internet that saw the video went nuts over how funny and cuddly the ferret was. The video even got on Twitter, saying: ‘[T]his is a ferret forcing a human to pet her babies and it is so pure and I want a ferret now.’

9. A Pet Ferret

Ferret babies are about 2-2.5 inches long when they’re born. They have a soft fuzz instead of fur and are born blind, deaf and without teeth. They open their eyes at 4-5 weeks old. And ferret moms are really special!

8. Where’s Steve?

When one of the babies is missing, a ferret mum knows. They know the number of their babies! Ferret kits are very dependent on their moms for the first weeks, but these tiny guys have the best and the proudest mom in the world!

7. Did She Want a Babysitter?

Now, people on the internet have speculated the reason for why would the mom ferret act like this. Some joked that maybe she was showing off. Others said that she was looking for a babysitter.

6. Maybe She Wanted Some Help

Some people thought that maybe the mother ferret tried to keep her babies warm and she placed the hand there while she would take a break from all that squealing. A ferret breeder has a different explanation…

5. They Need Food

The ferret breeder said that we tend to explain animal behavior and give them human attributes. It seems that the mother ferret was looking for some prey to feed her kits.

4. Sorry, But You’re Lunch

The mother ferret drags the human hand to her litter because her instinct is to do that with the prey in the wild. She will take it to feed her kits if she feels that she doesn’t have enough milk.

3. It’s Nature

The breeder explains that it’s just nature and the ‘hand is the best she could do to satisfy instinct.’ The kits’ cry in the video is a sign of hunger, which makes the mother frantically looking for food.

2. It’s Adorable Anyway!

Anyway, this video is adorable. She might want to feed her babies with the owner’s hand: ‘Hey, no hard feelings, but the babies are crying!’ She might be looking for a babysitter, or she might just show off…

1. Stay Here!

Whichever the right answer is, taking the guy’s hand to her babies shows that she trusts him to let him touch the babies. And she is making it clear that he’ll have to sleep with his hand there for a while!

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