PTSD: Top 9 Most Common Misconceptions

PTSD: Top 9 Most Common Misconceptions

PTSD: Top 9 Most Common Misconceptions

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (or PTSD) is a very misunderstood phenomenon. Rather than relying on what we see portrayed in popular culture for our information about it, it’s better to seek out our own facts. Here are some common misconceptions about it.

Number Nine: PTSD Happens Immediately

Although some people get the disorder immediately after trauma, some people go long periods of time before noticing symptoms. This can even take years.

Number Eight: It’s a Sign of Mental Weakness

Humans can only withstand so much. Getting this disorder as the result of experiencing horrific things does not make you weak.

Number Seven: Anything can be Traumatic

Nowadays, a lot of people on the internet claim that it’s possible to get PTSD from something they saw online. This is a ridiculous myth, and trauma only refers to specific life-threatening or sexually violent incidents. This means experiencing them yourself or witnessing them happen to someone else.

Number Six: People with PTSD are Dangerous

This is a harmful stereotype mostly perpetuated through movies. People with this stress disorder are not typically violent.

Number Five: It Goes Away with Time

People think that time heals everything, but this isn’t always the case. For some, this disorder is a lifelong battle.

Number Four: Sufferers are not Really Wounded

Just because you can’t physically see someone’s injury, doesn’t mean that it isn’t just as harmful as a physical wound. It helps to think of this mental problem as equal to a severe wound.

Number Three: Nothing can be Done to Help It

PTSD is actually very responsive to various treatment options. Many people recover from it.

Number Two: It Only Affects Military Vets

Although our most common association when we hear of PTSD is with war veterans, it can just as easily affect people who have never been in the military. Any life threatening or sexual trauma can trigger this disorder, as well as watching someone else withstand such violence.

Number One: PTSD Sufferers Can’t Function in Life

Although the mental strain that occurs as a result of this can make functioning more difficult, many sufferers are perfectly capable of having a normal life. We hope you found our post interesting and informative.

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