PUMA: 6 Things You Didn't Know About the Brand

PUMA: 6 Things You Didn’t Know About the Brand

PUMA: 6 Things You Didn't Know About the Brand


PUMA is one of the most stylish and popular footwear companies in the word, and they have a wide range of athletic and casual gear. But they actually have more products and a more storied history than you’re probably aware of. Read below to find out more.

Number Six: Before The Company Existed, Its Predecessor Dassler Had Footwear in the Olympics

In fact, the majority of the German athletes wore PUMA footwear at the 1928 summer games, and in 1936, Jesse Owens wins four Olympic gold medals wearing PUMA. When PUMA emerged out of Dassler years later, the split with the organization also yielded Adidas, meaning that two of the most successful athletic footwear companies of all time came from the same original company.

Number Five: PUMA as Its Own Brand Emerged in 1948 as a Result of a Brotherly Dispute

Rudolf Dassler – one of two brothers who worked together as Dasslier – founded PUMA in this year. The first soccer cleats – called ATOMs – were released the same year.

Number Four: Soccer Legend Pele Won Multiple World Cups Wearing Their Cleats

In fact, one of the greatest players of all time (if not the greatest) won three world cups wearing PUMAs. He was also named best player in the tournament the second time he won.

Number Three: The Jumping Cat Logo was First Introduced in 1967

The iconic logo didn’t originate when the company did and actually arrive almost twenty years later. Today it is near-impossible to imagine the company without associating it with this image.

Number Two: In 1973 the Clydes – the First Basketball Sneaker Named for an NBA Player – Were Released

The New York Knick Walt “Clyde” Frazier was one of the most stylish and iconic NBA players of the 1970’s, so it is appropriate that he was a trailblazer in terms of having signature sneakers. The PUMA Clydes were first released the same year that the Knicks won their second championship.

 Number One: PUMA Has its Own Competitive Sailing Yacht

The Company has a wide range of shoes, sneakers and cleats. But you probably would not have guessed that in the past ten years, they have also created a sailing yacht that has actually been entered in competitive races. That’s it for this list, thanks for reading!

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