Radiohead: Top 7 Most Underrated Singles

Radiohead: Top 7 Most Underrated Singles

Radiohead: Top 7 Most Underrated Singles

Radiohead has made its way into the hearts of millions with their unique musical stylings, but even some of the biggest fans of this band are guilty to ignoring some of their greatest singles. To show you all of the great song choices that you may be missing out on from Radiohead, we have finally come to bring you their top seven most underrated singles!

Number Seven: The Radiohead Hit Stop Whispering

As one of the first tracks ever produced by Radiohead, Stop Whispering is absolutely legendary. The song appeared as the third track on the album (fourth ever debuted) that bore the same name. The band has revealed that this particular single was a tribute to the band The Pixies, who were a huge influence on their music.

Number Six: No Surprises

This song was released as the final track on the OK Computer album in 1998. Although many critics raved about the beauties of this song, it performed at record poor levels on the Billboard charts. Despite this, it has been considered worthy enough to have been covered by other stars, such as Regina Spektor and Blake Morgan.

Number Five: Sail to the Moon

This song appeared as the third track on one of the band’s best-selling albums, Hail to the Thief. Despite the album’s wild success, the song often goes unnoticed. The inspiration for this single is rather cute, though; it was dedicated to lead singer Thom Yorke’s son, Noah.

Number Four: Street Spirit (Fade Out)

Street Spirit was released in 1996 on Radiohead’s second album of all time, The Bends. The band members have admitted that the real meaning for the song is to pay homage to an influential piece of literature: The Famished Road by Ben Okri. The song was wildly popular in the United Kingdom, ranking number five on their charts, but didn’t do so well across the globe.

Number Three: I Can’t

Another early creation of Radiohead, I Can’t is one of the sweetest, saddest, and most underrated tracks the band has ever produced. If the lyrics don’t speak to you, it’s official: you have no heart. Although the lyrics have never been formally interpreted by Thom Yorke, it is commonly believed it is meant to be an apology to a lover.

Number Two: Like Spinning Plates

Debuted on the Amnesiac album in 2001, Like Spinning Plates is an experience within itself. The song is adorned with beautiful, melodic piano, and a disoriented and frightfully saddening Thom Yorke. Although the lyrics are short, they are extremely powerful.

Number One: Last Flowers

If you are in the mood to feel the feels, Last Flowers is definitely for you. The song is a beautiful serenade, courtesy of Yorke, accompanied by a dark yet touching piano. Although it is sad, this single deserves far more praise than it receives. We hope you enjoyed our ranking of the top seven most underrated singles from Radiohead!

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