Which Reality TV Personality Are You?

Which Reality TV Personality Are You?

Ah, reality TV, an opportunity to simplify one’s personality, and one of the fastest ways to become famous. But if you were a reality TV star, what kind would you be? Take this quiz to find out.
1. Which of these reality show premises sounds like a fit for you?
Contestants race up mount Everest to win $1 million.
Documented days in the life of someone awesome.
Contestants pranking each other until only one remain.
A talent show with a judge panel.
2. There’s a fierce confrontation between housemates in a show. How are you involved?
I'm in it!
I basically made it happen.
I'm trying to stop it.
I'm just laughing from the sidelines.
3. What is the main reason you enjoy reality TV?
I imagine myself being there.
All the silly stuff people do.
It’s just so stupid, it’s funny.
The drama, of course!
4. Do you like to get a laugh out of people?
Sure, I don't mind it that much.
I don’t want to be funny, I want to be loved and hated!
Yes, I love it.
Does jealous, bitter laughter count?
5. Would you make sacrifices in your personal life to stay on a TV show longer?
Without blinking.
Sure, it would add to my audience appeal.
Depends. I might have to leave.
I made sacrifices to get on, so what’s a few more?
6. Lastly, is reality TV separate from the real world?
Obviously. Most of it is staged or pre-planned.
Not for me, because I’m as real on camera as I am off camera.
Well, then it would be called reality TV!
I don't even know anymore...
It’s a bit of a dubious honor, but hey, people who love themselves a little too much make it to the big leagues of reality TV. They tend to clash against other personalities and become well-known characters that people love to hate. Just remember to tone it down when the cameras are off!
You are too emotional to hold in your feelings, and you can make a show feel more real when you get into fights or cry. Your extreme reactions can both add tension or resolve it, but you play an important role in stopping a show from feeling bland. Just don’t go overboard and get voted off too soon!
You are someone who cannot keep control of themselves on TV. For you, there are no limits for fashion, sex, pranks, or anything, really. Without you, reality shows wouldn’t be fun! Just try not to do anything destructive that costs the show money, or you may not be back for the next season.
Nothing about you is very extreme, but that’s okay. Reality TV needs cool, down to earth people as well, to balance out the others. In a reality TV living situations, other housemates would likely ask you for advice.
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