Do You Really Need an Antivirus?

Do You Really Need an Antivirus?

There are more concerns lately with antivirus software selling customer information, which may make you wonder if you really need it. This quiz will determine if an antivirus is essential, or merely optional. Remember: this is advice, and you alone are responsible for your computer.
1. Which rating describes the farthest your Internet usage goes?
No more than PG.
PG-13 at most.
R to NC-17.
Definitely XXX.
2. Thinking hard, how often do you put vital information (bank, home address, SSN) into forms online?
I do banking and shopping online, and I forget my passwords sometimes.
My passwords are just for email and harmless stuff.
I have my whole life on display with social media, and I do a lot of online transactions.
Nobody’s getting my information if I can help it.
3. Which statement best describes your password habits?
My passwords are simple, and I use the same ones for multiple accounts.
My passwords are pretty strong, but I re-use them sometimes and/or they’re similar.
My passwords are long, and make no sense to anyone but me.
My passwords not great, but that way I don’t have to save them to my computer.
4. How many other people use your computer?
No one, ever.
I lend it very rarely.
It’s a shared computer between several people.
I’ve let people savvier than me take control to do things I can’t.
5. What operating system do you use?
Windows, but with Defender, Firewall, and Security Essentials.
Windows, without proper protections.
6. Most importantly, have you ever gotten a virus that controlled your computer in unwanted ways? (Popping windows, deleting files, etc.)
Yeah, seems like once a year or so.
I think it’s happened once or twice, but I now know why.
Nope, and I don’t intend to.
No, but I think I got close.
Perfectly Safe
A small, free software for spyware might be nice, if you don't have one, but in general your habits do not put you at risk of a virus. Nice work!
Low Risk
It's not a big deal, but you never know what might happen. If you want to be truly safe, try to correct some of your riskier habits, or get a free, well-rated antivirus.
High Risk
You should probably have an antivirus if you don't already. If you don't want one, do some extensive research on how to protect yourself without one.
Serious Danger
Your habits put you at very high risk. Please get a good antivirus and do regular scans if you aren't already! Unless you're prepared to learn a lot about computers, an antivirus is the only way to protect your information, identity, and more.
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