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Rescue Dog Lands A Job With Animal Control After She Wouldn’t Stop Following An Officer Around

Rescue Dog Lands A Job With Animal Control After She Wouldn’t Stop Following An Officer Around

After the mess that Hurricane Matthew left, there were tons of dogs that were in desperate need of help. One dog in particular, however, stood out from all the rest. This is what landed her the an amazing job with animal control!

20. Hurricane Matthew

Image: Popular Science

When Hurricane Matthew tore through Charlotte, North Carolina, the area suffered greatly. There was a ton of flooding and emergency vehicles were out and about helping as much as they could. But what about the many street animals?

19. Street Animals

Image: FOX 61

During natural disasters, like a hurricane, animals living out on the streets have an especially difficult time coping. Animal Control officers from the area were dispatched to find and save as many animals as they could!

18. Tarboro

Image: News & Observer

One town in particular, Tarboro, suffered with a lot of devastating flooding. Many of the animal control officers headed to that town in search of animals. One officer in particular was Officer Scott Kisch.

17. Driving Around

Image: ABC News

Officer Scott Kisch was dispatched in the town of Tarboro. He headed out in a rescue vehicle and began searching for animals that were in need of help. The team was doing a great job as they searched everywhere for animals.

16. Rescue Efforts

Image: YouTube

The rescue team was able to save around two hundred dogs. Finally it was time for them all to wrap up their rescue search and head back to the animal center. However, just as he was about to drive off, Officer Kisch noticed something odd…

15. Trailing Along

Image: YouTube

Officer Kisch suddenly noticed that there was a little brown dog that was following his truck around. In fact, she was very persistent and refused to stop! So what did Officer Kisch decide to do?

14. Abandoned Zone

Image: YouTube

The dog was in a pretty abandoned area and it was primarily flooded. Even though she didn’t appear to be in any immediate danger, Kisch couldn’t leave her behind. So he told his supervisor that they should stop to let her in.

13. Stopping

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care and Control

The supervisor agreed and Kisch stopped the truck. The little brown dog immediately hopped into the car when Kisch opened the door for her. She made sure to make herself real comfortable!

12. Laughing

Image: YouTube

I looked at my supervisor and said hey, this dog is following us. We kept driving and she kept following us, we got out and she jumped in the vehicle. We just started laughing!”Officer Kisch said.

11. Moving Her


Officer Kisch couldn’t very well drive with her sitting on the floor of his truck. So they quickly moved her over to the passenger seat of another rescue vehicle. She quickly fell asleep as soon as she got comfy!

10. All Alone


It was kind of heartbreaking, she was there by herself. I think it was her saying get me out of here, take me home. She gave those puppy dog eyes and just looked at me with that face. We knew we couldn’t leave her out there,” Kisch told PEOPLE.

9. Video

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care and Control

The rescue of the dog was filmed by the animal control team and was published on their Facebook page. According to PEOPLE, “The video and the hashtag #LittleBrownDog went viral.”

8. Nearby Shelter

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care and Control

The little brown dog was brought to a nearby shelter. Despite the video going viral no one came to the shelter to claim her as theirs. That’s when the shelter contacted Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control to let them know that the dog needed a home.

7. New Name

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care & Control

The dog was moved to then immediately moved to the Charlotte Mecklenburg Animal Control. They then had to come up with a name for the little dog and they decided on “Charlotte.”

6. Meaningful Name


So why did the rescue workers decide on that name? Well, they wanted the dog to be named after her new home. Once she got comfortable, the animal control shelter thought of the perfect job for her!

5. New Job

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care and Control

Charlotte now has a wonderful new job! She will be working within the animal control shelter’s Humane Education program. This is a pretty important job that she was handed…

4. Kids

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care and Control

Charlotte will be working with children in different schools. She will be used to help teach kids about proper pet care. This little brown dog is super excited to hang out with kids all day!

3. Excited

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care and Control

Kisch himself is pretty excited to have Charlotte around the office. He is happy that he’ll get to see the little brown dog that he rescued on a daily basis. He knows that she’ll be brightening everyone’s day with her presence.

2. Happy Ending

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care and Control

This is definitely a happy ending. I wish it was happier and that she went back to her normal family but I’m glad she’s with people that are going to take care of her and love her and treat her right.”

1. Great Rescue

Image: Facebook/CMPD Animal Care and Control

Thanks to Officer Kisch’s observation skills, Charlotte was given a brand new start at life. Now she’ll get to brighten the lives of so many people and has a permanent home at the animal control center.

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