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Rescued Pit Bull Goes On Adventures With His Celebrity Dad

Rescued Pit Bull Goes On Adventures With His Celebrity Dad

Stray dogs have a tough life on the streets, but a puppy wandering the streets shortly after Hurricane Harvey is a terrible sight. People passed by her and avoided the little pit bull. She was in terrible pain. Fortunately, she was taken to the Montgomery County Animal Shelter. Her odds of thriving were not in her favor, as her medical issues piled up. Her skin was red, the fur was almost gone, and her eyes were almost shut from Demodex mange.

The pup almost lost hope, but then A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue took her in, and she has indeed blossomed into a lovely and famous pooch!

20. A Shy Puppy

The little pit bull was found on the streets in Texas. She entered the animal shelter, and it was obvious that her condition was not great. Her coat was thin, and her body was filled with mange.

19. Losing Hope

She was inside a crowded and noisy shelter and she lost all hope. But then, a shelter worker contacted ‘A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue’ and told them about a tiny puppy they call Sylvia. This is what they said after getting the call…

18. She Got ‘A Chance to Bloom’

Jessica Russell is the founder and president of A Chance to Bloom Dog Rescue. She said that she received a call about the puppy: ‘She knows we specialize in the underdogs, the medical issues, skin conditions, bully breeds and giant breeds, so she contacted us…’

17. Doing Their Best

The rescue group then took Sylvia in and gave her all the care she needed, added Jessica: ‘Once in our care she went immediately to our vet, and we started her medicated baths, antibiotics, and a great nutrition program.’

16. She Had Lost Confidence

Sylvia was only a little pup who was hesitant when it came to trusting people. In a new environment, Jessica saw a very shy puppy. She was ‘scared of what might happen to her,’ and it was clear that Sylvia was ‘very unsure of life,’ added Jessica.

15. Sylvia Was Healing

The pup began healing, and her skin got better. She was also healing on the inside, bonding with the rescuers and even showing off. She was a very good girl, passing obedience classes with flying colors! Then, this happened…

14.  Car Rides!

Sylvia adored car rides and walks, and she was always a happy girl. Jessica said that she is ‘such a smart and loving girl’ and that she ‘loves to play with other dogs, and adores kiddos. Her confidence is great now!’

13. A Complete Transformation

This puppy has indeed bloomed into a different pooch! But she needed something more: a place to call home. So Jessica posted photos of her and told Sylvia’s story on Petfinder. You won’t believe who reached out!

12. Austin Pets Alive

One hour after posting about Sylvia, the president of Austin Pets Alive called Jessica informing her there was a “VIP adopter” who was interested in the pup. Jessica thought the VIP adopter was a local radio personality, but she was stunned to hear otherwise…

11. A New York Celebrity

The potential adopter came from New York for a meet and greet and guess who it was… It was none other than the bully breed advocate and famous actor Justin Theroux! He was in Austin and drove almost three hours to see the pup in person.

10. Meant to Be

Both Theroux and Jessica knew that he and Sylvie would be an awesome duo. They knew it was all meant to be. He even changed Sylvia’s name to Kuma, which is “bear” in Japanese. Then, he was ready to adopt her. But he had to wait some more…

9. Love at First Sight

Jessica said that when Theroux arrived, they brought the puppy ‘out to meet him and it was a mutual love at first sight.’ She watched them together and spoke with him about the pooch, and reached this conclusion.

8. He Loves Kuma

‘There was never a doubt in my mind that he loved this girl as much as we did,’ said Jessica when he saw how great Theroux was with the pup/ ‘It was like they had always been together,’ she added.

7. A Famous Pooch

Kuma would soon become famous, with his celeb dad. But before that, she had to spend a few more months to be ready to get to her new home. There was also another issue: airline restrictions for bully breeds…

6. An Ambassador of the Breed

The rescue group wrote on their Facebook page about Kuma as having ‘a very calm temperament,’ saying that ‘she’d be a perfect fit for Justin, when he came all the way to Texas for a meet and greet!’ And the flight issue was also solved!

5. Ready to Go Home

After months of care, Kuma was ready to go home. Until she would get home, her famous dad always checked on her wellbeing. Then, a nonprofit organization which has volunteer pilots came to solve the transportation problem.

4. Pilots N Paws

Pilots N Paws are the organization that helps rescue pets get transported, especially those in Kuma’s situation. They helped arrange her transportation to the East Coast, and soon enough, Theroux met Kuma again at the airport. His reaction melted our hearts!

3. Eager to Give and Get Hugs

Theroux waited to see Kuma for months, so you can imagine that both dad and pooch were happy to hug away. Tears were shed, and licks were also part of the sweet moment. Ever since they met, Theroux and Kuma are out and about!

2. Enjoying City Life

On June 10, the actor took to Instagram to announce his new furry baby: ‘MEET KUMA (くま) !!! There are too many people to thank for Kuma….’ And he’s right! Everyone who helped Kuma get a better life are her heroes, he said.

1. You Are the Heroes

The happy dad continued, saying that ‘everyone @chancetobloom You are the heroes who took Kuma from death and loved her back to life.’ He urged his friends on Instagram to get a rescue pet and give them a chance for a happy life. Now Kuma has a Hollywood happy ending, traveling the world with her dad!

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