Rita Ora Ft. Chris Brown: ‘Body On Me’ Music Video Review

Rita Ora ft. Chris Brown: ‘Body On Me’ Music Video Review

Rita Ora ft. Chris Brown: 'Body On Me' Music Video Review


Rita Ora has given us the steamiest music video in the industry right now, and it’s with the man Loyalty calls daddy – Chris Brown. Rita Ora and Chris Brown placed all their good chips on the table for this one, and they scored pretty big with this video. The music scene hasn’t had a duet that has had us tweeting our fingers off and hash tagging it in a while, but “Body On Me” is here to save the day.

First things first. An incredible video is a whole lot better when it’s backed up by a great song. “Body On Me” is that great song that backs up this simple but extremely arousing video. Rita Ora and Chris Brown build unbelievable chemistry, and it is so spot on it can be felt in the audio even before you see the heat in the video. Their voices merge perfectly, and the song itself is well-written enough to allow for perfect visualization of the content. The video itself takes things a few miles past your expectations. The video is highly sensual – there are the obligatory scenes where shirts are coming off, and zippers are undone – but it all remains beautiful and definitive enough to not be too vulgar.

What happens when you meet a girl you recently had a night of passion with? The mood is definitely tense, and suddenly the shyness that was absent during that incident arrives. This is no exception for Rita Ora and Chris Brown in this video. Ora looks absolutely stunning, and her sex appeal will have your eyes glued to her the entire video. Her neighbor across the hall, Chris Brown, is the typical bad boy that drives the ladies crazy, but in the video, Ora is lucky enough to be the only lady he is “driving” crazy. It’s somewhat of a modern day fairytale as we see them lusting for each other and peeping through windows to steal glances as flashbacks of their steamy night keep playing through the song.

The video is made to be incredibly relatable, which is something I found extremely impressive. As anticipated and always desired from a video featuring Chris Brown, there is a dance scene on a rooftop towards the end of the video, and the two lovers bust some spine-tingling dance moves.

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